All The Times Tabloids Got Rihanna’s Love Life Wrong

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Rihanna in a black, silky wrap dress on the red carpet.

By Brianna Morton |

Rihanna in a black, silky wrap dress on the red carpet.

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Things are over between Rihanna and her boyfriend of three years Hassan Jameel, as several sites have reported. As this love story comes to a close, Gossip Cop can’t help but remember all the times tabloids speculated about the songstress’ romantic life and got it wrong. No matter if she’s single or taken, tabloids can’t seem to stop themselves from making up stories about her potential partners.

In 2018, RadarOnline reported that Rihanna and Jameel were actually on their honeymoon during a visit to Paris. The website ran with the headline, “PDA PHOTOS: Honeymoon? Rihanna Cozies Up To Billionaire Boyfriend During Romantic Paris Getaway.” Aside from being painfully long, the headline is incorrect in almost every way imaginable. The only truthful part of it is that the photos were indeed taken in Paris.

The article goes on to mention that the pair was spotted on a balcony in Paris “days after the singer was spotted wearing a massive diamond ring.” The ring the story references hadn’t been worn days before — it was more like weeks. Faced with all this contradictory information, Gossip Cop deemed this story totally false. Now that Jameel and Rihanna have broken up, this rumor has been doubly disproven.

About a year earlier, Star published an article claiming Cara Delevingne had a “creepy crush” on Rihanna. The two appeared in the film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets together, and an anonymous source supposedly connected to the movie told the outlet the two had a falling-out. “They used to be really close but when Cara said she had feelings for Ri, things went south,” they said. The suspicious source went on to assert that Delevingne “can be really intense and obsessive. She’ll just stare and stare at Rihanna and it makes Ri uncomfortable.”

Just by looking at the pop star’s Instagram postings from around that time, Gossip Cop found enough evidence to negate the shady tabloids claims. Rihanna posted photos of Delevingne to her Instagram page, which she likely wouldn’t do if she was creeped out by Delevingne’s attention.

The Lighthouse star Robert Pattinson was also a supposed Rihanna paramore. Woman’s Day published a story in 2018 claiming that Rihanna and Pattinson were going on secret dates. According to an unnamed source who spoke with the gossip rag, Katy Perry, a “mutual friend” to both Pattinson and Rihanna, was the one responsible for setting the two up on their secret dates. Gossip Cop was informed by our contact in Rihanna’s camp that they are not, nor were they ever, dating.


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