Rihanna And Leonardo DiCaprio NOT Getting “Intimate,” Despite Claim

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Rihanna Leonardo DiCaprio

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Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio are not “intimate,” dating, or hooking up, despite inaccurate reports. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct these speculative and wrong stories. We’re told any claims about something romantic going on between the two stars is “untrue.”

According to the repeatedly discredited HollywoodLife, DiCaprio and Rihanna had an “intimate moment” Friday night in Las Vegas on the heels of them supposedly “flirting” at Coachella. The misguided webloid then asks whether the two celebrities are “dating again?” There’s so much misinformation in the outlet’s first paragraph, but Gossip Cop will get to that a little further below.

After digging itself deeper by speculating whether Rihanna and DiCaprio are “back on,” the site says the pair were “again flirting” at the Friday opening of the club Intrigue inside The Wynn in Las Vegas. The clueless webloid claims they looked “cozy,” as they were “whispering into each other’s ears.” The outlet, however, had no actual eyewitnesses, and instead relied on another report for that minor tidbit.

Now, let’s examine the story from HollywoodLies. First off, DiCaprio and Rihanna have never dated, so there’s nothing to be “back on.” Also, they were not “flirting” at Coachella. As Gossip Cop exclusively reported, they spoke briefly at the music event. More importantly, though, they did not have an “intimate moment” on Friday in Las Vegas nor did they get “cozy.” They did whisper into each other’s ears because they were in a very loud club, along with Vanessa Hudgens, Seth MacFarlane, Kate Hudson, Louis Tomlinson, and many more celebrities.

Despite all HollywoodLife’s factual errors, Gossip Cop still looked into the story and we’re exclusively told virtually every aspect of the webloid’s tale is “untrue.” An insider assures us DiCaprio and Rihanna are nothing more than “pals,” and there was nothing in the slightest that could be construed as “intimate” going on between them at the Las Vegas club opening.

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Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio are getting intimate.


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