A new report from HollywoodLife alleges Rihanna traveled to Barbados for this year's Crop Over Festival without Hassan Jameel, and according to the often discredited site, there's a reason why she "left her man behind." Gossip Cop can reveal, however, the website's story is made-up.

The Barbadian singer famously attends the popular Caribbean event every year. But HollywoodLies, as it's nicknamed, claims to know why Rihanna purposely left her "new boyfriend" at home while she took part in this year's festivities. According to the outlet's so-called "source," "Rihanna hasn't invited [Jameel] because she doesn't want the pressure of having to look out for him and entertain him."

The site's seemingly fake insider goes on to purport that the singer "wants to let her hair down and relax with friends" during the annual festival, and "as much as she'd love to have Hassan there," she "doesn't need him in order to have fun." But if it wasn't already obvious, the entire story is completely made-up. The truth is HollywoodLies has zero insight into what Rihanna does.

Gossip Cop has called out the website on a number of occasions for publishing bogus articles about Rihanna, so this latest tale doesn't come as a surprise. Regardless, a source close to her assures us the blog's report is 100 percent "not true." As we've noted in the past, we've been told no one in Rihanna's camp is talking to the untrustworthy site about the star, leaving HollywoodLife to seemingly pull its stories out of thin air.

Despite manufacturing a slew of articles about Rihanna and Jameel, it's very clear the webloid doesn't know anything about what's going on between them. Among the many HollywoodLife tall tales that Gossip Cop corrected was one in July that falsely alleged Rihanna was "happier" with Jameel than she was with Drake. And shortly before that fabrication, we busted the outlet for wrongly claiming Rihanna was "tempting" Jameel with her "endless legs."

But the reality is that ever since the singer was photographed kissing the billionaire in Spain two months ago, the site has not had another story that specifically pinpoints where or even when they've been together again. HollywoodLies is at best guessing, at worst lying, and probably hoping it doesn't get called out for fabricating articles about Rihanna, much the way other stars have torn into the repeatedly disproven site.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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