Rihanna Expanding Closets To Fit Plus-Sized Wardrobe?

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Rihanna closets weight gain wardrobe

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Rihanna closets weight gain wardrobe

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Rihanna is not expanding her closets to fit “plus-sized clothes” after having gained some weight, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can correct this claim. We’re told it’s totally made-up.”

RadarOnline begins it questionable article by writing how Rihanna “needs a second wardrobe for all the pounds she’s piled on.” After establishing its premise, a so-called “source” is then quoted as saying the singer’s “weight can fluctuate by 10 pounds during any given week and that requires a massive wardrobe.” The alleged “source” then adds, “She’s had to have home renovations in New York and L.A. to create closets the size of most people’s homes” to accommodate her “skinny” and “fat” outfits.

The website’s supposed insider maintains that Rihanna “needs the space [in her closets] now because in the last year, her size kept changing… Her clothes range in size from two to 18!” The often disproven site further contends that when the singer wears tighter clothes to “show off her curves,” she can “barely get them on and needs two assistants to peel them off when the day is over.” Two assistants, really?

Before Gossip Cop gets into what a Rihanna insider shared with us, let’s examine website’s claims. According to the outlet, because the singer has gained some weight, she needed “home renovations in New York and L.A.” to accommodate all her new “plus-sized clothes.” Basically, the blog assumes that each of her closets are jammed packed to capacity, and therefore any new dress or pair of jeans would require breaking down walls and entirely reconfiguring her places to fit her growing wardrobe. And now those new, giant renovated closets are “the size of most people’s homes.”

It never occurred to RadarOnline that perhaps she already has enough empty room in her closets to accommodate new “fat” and “skinny” outfits alike. Nor did the person who manufactured these bogus claims think for a moment that sometimes people add as well as discard articles of clothing they no longer wear, rather than hiring contractors to rip up their houses and add thousands of square feet just for their clothes. Irrespective of how completely absurd the website’s story is, Gossip Cop still checked in with Rihanna’s rep, who assures the outlet’s entire report is “totally made-up.”