Rihanna’s Boyfriend Hassan Jameel NOT Worried About Chris Brown Wanting Her Back, Despite Report

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Rihanna Chris Brown boyfriend Hassan Jameel

By Michael Lewittes |

Rihanna Chris Brown boyfriend Hassan Jameel

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HollywoodLife has been caught making up fake news about Chris Brown and Rihanna in the past, and it appears the often discredited site is back to its old tricks. According to the untrustworthy outlet, Rihanna’s boyfriend Hassan Jameel is “worried” and “fears” Brown wants her back. It should be noted the completely fabricated claim comes on the heels of a previously manufactured article about Brown’s response to Rihanna “pregnancy rumors,” which was spread by the same outlet.

In its latest piece of creative writing, the aptly nicknamed HollywoodLies maintains Jameel is “feeling tense” over Brown. A seemingly made-up “source” is quoted telling the blog, “Hassan doesn’t trust Chris and he feels like he is unpredictable when it comes to Rihanna.” The same almost assuredly nonexistent and phony “source” adds, “Hassan tries not to worry about Chris, but knowing he may still love Rihanna makes him feel a bit tense.”

Of course in the real world, real people don’t have to constantly repeat the parties’ first names. They often just use pronouns. But when a site is crafting phony quotes to fit their concocted tales, Gossip Cop has found they tend to use the subjects’ first names over and over.

Irrespective of the outlet’s habit of making up fake quotes, it’s interesting that the habitually disproven sites drones on about Jameel feeling “tense” and “worried” about Brown supposedly still being in love with Rihanna, and yet it only refers to the Saudi businessman and the Barbadian singer as “the rumored new couple.” While HollywoodLies likes rumors, including making them up, it’s not very good with facts. The truth is Rihanna and Jameel are actually a couple. And if the site had legitimate sources, it would have known they’re in a real, not rumored, relationship.

Just to reiterate: Shortly after Rihanna performed at the Grammys, HollywoodLies patched together a bogus story about her possibly being pregnant. Then, after Gossip Cop put out that dumpster fire of a story, the blog next made up a phony tale about Brown being “hurt” over the Rihanna pregnancy rumors because he felt “that should be his baby.” But there is no baby. And Jameel isn’t worried about Brown still being in love with his girlfriend.

Remember, this is all coming from the same site that falsely reported in December that Rihanna and Jameel were engaged and now only refers to them as the “rumored new couple.” It’s also the same blog that wrongly claimed in May 2017 that Rihanna was actually pregnant with Brown’s baby. Basically, when it comes to stories about Jameel, Rihanna and Brown, HollywoodLies’ articles are fuller than a baby’s diaper.