MediaTakeOut Flip-Flops On Rihanna Boob Job

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Rihanna Breast Implants Flip Flop

By Andrew Shuster |

Rihanna Breast Implants Flip Flop

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After wrongly speculating last week that Rihanna had gotten a boob job, the unreliable MediaTakeOut is now flip-flopping on its stance by insisting the singer’s breasts are real. Gossip Cop can expose the site’s erratic reporting.

This past Friday, MTO published photos from Rihanna’s recent Fenty Beauty line launch in New York City, and maintained she appeared to have breast implants. The webloid had zero proof to back up its assertion, but still argued that the singer’s chest looked fuller than it had in the past. But Gossip Cop checked in with a trustworthy source, who exclusively assured us Rihanna didn’t get a boob job.

On Monday, the website decided to reverse its narrative by publishing an article with the ridiculous headline, “Newly THICK Rihanna Proves That Her ‘NEW BREASTS’ Are REAL… She Wasn’t Wearing A BRA And FAKE BOOBS Don’t Look Like THAT!” The outlet posted a few recent paparazzi photos of the singer wearing a tank top, which it used as evidence to support its latest theory.

In its new article, the repeatedly discredited site states, “Rihanna came under SPECULATION last week when she hit up the red carpet with a NOTICEABLY BIGGER BUST. Some speculated that Rih may have gotten implants.” Of course, MTO was the only outlet speculating this. The webloid then continues, “Well it turns out that she didn’t,” before noting the new top tank photos “show that them things are REAL.”

After emphatically declaring in a headline just three days ago that Rihanna “Got GIANT NEW BREAST IMPLANTS,” the site is now changing its story based on a new crop of photos. The webloid isn’t doing any actual reporting or fact-checking, but is simply studying images and jumping to conclusions. Gossip Cop, however, looks into situations before reporting them, which is why we already explained last week that Rihanna never underwent cosmetic surgery on her breasts.

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