Rihanna ‘Thinking’ About Babies Because Exes Chris Brown, Drake Are Now Dads Is Made-Up

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rihanna babies drake chris brown

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rihanna babies drake chris brown

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A new story about how Rihanna is suddenly “thinking” about having babies and motherhood, now that her exes Chris Brown and Drake have kids, is completely made-up. Significantly, this fabricated piece is coming from an outlet that actually reported about a year and a half ago she was pregnant with either Drake or Brown’s baby, but wasn’t sure which rapper was the dad. Obviously, that was a falsehood, and so is the current report.

The current phony premise was slapped together by HollywoodLife, a site so known for its fictitious articles that are predicated on unnamed and untraceable sources, it’s routinely referred to as HollywoodLies. In its latest tall tale about Rihanna, the often discredited blog asserts it has a “source close to the star,” who contends, “Seeing two of her ex-boyfriends become fathers means she’s got babies on the mind.” The outlet then notes how Rihanna’s ex Chris Brown “welcomed his daughter Royalty to the world in 2014.” So Brown’s child is now 4-years-old and Rihanna just got hit with the idea of motherhood?

Meanwhile, the unreliable blog maintains, “Ever since Drake confirmed that he had a child with Sophie Brussaux, Rihanna has been giving motherhood a thought.” Again, she never thought about having a baby until a guy she really wasn’t that into had a kid? And why is Rihanna just now “thinking” about having kids when Drake and Brown’s children were born awhile ago? Like a child caught fibbing, HollywoodLies can’t explain that and instead trots out one of its anonymous and seemingly concocted sources, who supposedly says, “She truly didn’t see” those guys becoming parents before her, but “it does make her think more about having kids herself.”

That’s interesting because a few months ago, the very same outlet manufactured an article about how Rihanna was “thinking” of having babies with Hassan Jameel. It must be amazing to have sources inside someone else’s cerebral cortex. Anyway, at the time Gossip Cop busted that fabrication involving Jameel, having been assured the story was “not true” and “made-up.”

And, as noted above, HollywoodLies previously reported in May 2017 that Rihanna was pregnant with either Drake or Brown’s baby. In that wholly made-up story, the habitually disproven site asserted it had a source close to Rihanna who alleged the Barbardian singer was “going back and forth” between both men and so it was “hard to keep track” of who the father was. Gossip Cop can’t imagine it’s nearly as hard as HollywoodLife keeping track of all its lies about Rihanna. Regardless, the claim about her being pregnant nearly a year and a half ago was total fiction, and so is this latest article about Rihanna “thinking” about having babies because of her exes, Drake and Chris Brown.


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