Rihanna Did NOT “Assault” Stephen Hill At BET Awards, Despite Report (VIDEO)

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Rihanna Throwing Money BET Awards Video

By Shari Weiss |

Rihanna Throwing Money BET Awards Video


Rihanna did NOT “assault” Stephen Hill at the BET Awards, despite a sensational, flat-out wrong report. Gossip Cop can debunk the story.

On Monday, hours after the ceremony in Los Angeles, MediaTakeOut dramatically exclaimed, “RIHANNA THE DIVA: Rih Hit BET EXEC In The FACE… When He REFUSED To Let Her THROW MONEY At The BET Awards!!!” The webloid went on to quote a supposed “HIGH LEVEL BET Exec” as saying, “Rihanna is very OUT OF CONTROL, she assaulted BET exec Stephen Hill. She planned to go on stage and throw a stack of fake money and ‘make it rain’ on the audience. We refused her because it could have caused a commotion and someone might have gotten hurt. But Rihanna ignored everyone.”

The supposed source, who conveniently goes on to describe Hill as “the Head of Programming of BET and one of the HIGHEST BLACK EXECS in Hollywood,” claims he “stepped in and told her that she could NOT TAKE THE STAGE with the money. That’s when Rihanna THREW IT IN HIS FACE.” The alleged MTO tipster concludes by calling Rihanna a “very disrespectful b*tch,” suggesting Hill should’ve “PUNCHED THAT BAJAN HEAUX IN THE THROAT,” and then call the police to file assault charges.

Wow. That’s outrageous… because it’s largely UNTRUE. Yes, Rihanna did toss a wad of cash at Hill backstage, as seen on camera before she made her entrance on stage. But the interaction was PLANNED. It was a STAGED moment between Rihanna and Hill, just like how earlier in the show co-host Anthony Anderson pointed out that the singer was sitting in the audience duct-taping Floyd Mayweather.

Hill even took to Instagram afterward to share a picture of Rihanna kissing his cheek (see below), and wrote, “We kissed and made up. #BETAwards :-) what a night!!” He also tweeted, “Just let @Rihanna know that I do NOT have her money and I do NOT want hers…:) #BETAwards.” That’s right. It was all a JOKE. The only thing not funny is reports like these, when MediaFakeOut rather spread lies than report the plain old truth.

We kissed and made up. #BETAwards . what a night!!

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