Ricky Martin Pleads For Puerto Rico Help On “Ellen DeGeneres Show” (VIDEO)

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Ricky Martin Puerto Rico ellen Show

By Shari Weiss |

Ricky Martin Puerto Rico ellen Show

(Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Ricky Martin pleaded for help for Puerto Rico on Thursday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” The island remains in a state of emergency in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Watch the video below.

Martin, who was born and raised in San Juan, found his spirits immediately lifted by the energy of the talk show’s crowd. But quite seriously, DeGeneres said, “You are here for something really important, and I am so happy you’re here to talk about it with us because boy, oh, boy, does the world need help right now. But tell everybody what you’re doing.” The singer then thanked the host for “letting me talk to your audience.”

Then, very solemnly, Martin said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I am from Puerto Rico and right now Puerto Rico is suffering. We were destroyed by a hurricane and it has been very difficult. Right now there is no water, there is no electricity, there is no food, there is no medicine, there is no diesel for the generators that will make the hospital work. People are dying. So, as a Puerto Rican, as an American that I am, I am here to ask for your help.”

“We have created a catastrophe fund, and I have to say thank you very much because you have been so kind and so generous, but we need more. We need more. A lot of great corporations are working with us to bring love, to bring food, to bring hope to Puerto Rico,” Martin went on. “Leonardo DiCaprio, I just got off the phone with him and he said, ‘Ricky, I want to be a part of this, I want to help you for obvious reasons.’ He’s always at the forefront of everything that has to do with climate change and I’m just very thankful. But we need your help.”

Showing a list of “urgently needed supplies,” DeGeneres stressed, “They need everything.” Added Martin, “This is what I’m buying. With the money that you give me, this is what I will be buying. This is what people really need over there. And of course, I’m also bringing medicine.” The star also revealed that it was five days before he made contact with his brother and said they need to get their sick father to the States, but “unfortunately, the airport is destroyed.”

“It’s chaotic… It’s very scary. People are starting to get really aggressive because they are hungry,” Martin noted, going on to beg, “Once again, I need your help.” DeGeneres pointed out, “If every single person listening to this right now, just [gave] a $1. If everyone gave $1, imagine what that would do. Imagine. I mean you’ve seen the images. They’re heartbreaking and these are people that we can help. We can’t just watch the images and be depressed or feel horrible about it. We have to help these people.”

She then announced, “And we want to help, so our friends at Cheerios and General Mills are donating $80,000 to Hurricane Maria relief. We will not forget you.” Martin, to say the least, was thrilled. Check out the video below.

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