Ricky Martin Slams Donald Trump For Hateful Mexican Immigrants Comment

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Ricky Martin Donald Trump Mexican immigrants

By Minyvonne Burke |

Ricky Martin Donald Trump Mexican immigrants

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Ricky Martin slammed Donald Trump on Thursday after the presidential candidate made some offensive comments about Mexican immigrants during his speech last week in which he announced his candidacy. Taking to Twitter, Martin wrote (translated from Spanish), “There’s much hatred and ignorance in your heart @realDonaldTrump #LatinosUnidos.”

The Latin pop star isn’t the only one to take issue with Trump’s comments. Earlier on Thursday, Univision announced in a statement that it was cutting ties with Trump and would not be airing the Miss USA pageant on July 12. Univision also said it was separating itself from the entire Miss Universe Organization because Trump is part owner of it.

Unfortunately for Trump, the backlash didn’t end there. Reggae star J Balvin also announced on Thursday that he would no longer be performing at the beauty pageant, and the show’s hosts Roselyn Sanchez and Cristian de la Fuente said on social media that they too were backing out. In an interview with Billboard, Balvin said, “It was going to be my first performance on national [mainstream] television, but we’re talking about our roots, our culture, our values… This isn’t about being punitive, but about showing leadership through social responsibility.” Balvin added, “His comments weren’t just about Mexicans, but about all Latins in general.”

For his part, Trump commented on the backlash on Twitter, writing, “Mexican gov doesn’t want me talking about terrible border situation & horrible trade deals. Forcing Univision to get me to stop – no way!” He added in another tweet, “Univision wants to back out of signed @MissUniverse contract because I exposed the terrible trade deals that the U.S. makes with Mexico… I love Mexico but not the unfair trade deals that the US so stupidly makes with them. Really bad for US jobs, only good for Mexico.”

What do you think about all the backlash Donald Trump is receiving from Ricky Martin and others for his comments about Mexican immigrants?


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