Ricky Gervais Scared By Donald Trump Impersonator On ‘Ellen Show’ (VIDEO)

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Ricky Gervais Scared Donald Trump Ellen Show

By Andrew Shuster |

Ricky Gervais Scared Donald Trump Ellen Show

(Ellen Tube)

Ricky Gervais got scared by a Donald Trump impersonator on Friday’s “Ellen DeGeneres” show while the comedian was in the midst of revealing his opinion about the presidential nominee. Watch the funny video below!

When asked on the daytime talk show about the Republican candidate’s run for the presidency, the comedian admitted, “It was fun to start with. I was very excited. It was funny. But now it’s not a joke anymore is it?” Gervais added, “I don’t think he thought he’d be president, really. He’s got more in common with David Brent, that character I play from ‘The Office,’ than JFK. He’s an entertainer. It’s like he wants attention.”

Gervais went on to express his frustration with comedians such as himself getting in trouble for telling off-color jokes, while Trump “says terrible thing and he means them and he gets a round of applause. The world’s gone crazy.” With that, a man dressed up as Trump jumped out of a piece of fake furniture situated next to the couch and scared the comedian.

“I don’t really think we got you good,” DeGeneres told a startled Gervais, who shot back, “What isn’t getting me good?! Because I nearly had a heart attack if that’s any good.” He further joked, “What’s getting me good, me actually sh*tting myself? Because it was pretty close, I’ll tell you that.” Gervais finally assured the host, “Trust me Ellen, you got me f***ing good!” Watch the funny video below!


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