“Undateable” Star Rick Glassman Splits Tongue Hours Before Live Premiere (PIC)

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Rick Glassman Split Tongue Undateable

By Shari Weiss |

Rick Glassman Split Tongue Undateable


“Undateable” star Rick Glassman split his tongue just hours before the NBC comedy’s live season premiere. If so inclined, see photo below. Warning: It is VERY bloody.

“Undateable” debuted a live format as a limited stunt last season, but was renewed for a third season in which every episode is live. That proved potentially problematic on Friday, when Glassman severely injured himself before the broadcast. The actor, who is one of the lead cast members, accidentally bit his tongue while eating a bagel.

Sounds minor, right? Everyone bites their tongue, lip, or cheek at some point, and MAYBE there’s a drop of blood. Not so with Glassman.

The star cut his tongue so badly, blood ended up pouring out of his mouth. He jokingly wrote on Instagram, “Rehearsing a really cool vampire scene for #UndateableLive tonight. It’s where I eat a salt bagel and bite my tongue. SO, if I have a slight lisp tonight, it’s only because I’m in character. #Dwackula.” What was no joke, though, was that Glassman was rushed to the hospital, where he received stitches.

But as they say in the entertainment world, the show must go on, and “Undateable” was no exception. He was given clearance to return to set and participate in the live episode, despite being on some heavy-duty pain medications. And roughly 30 minutes into the show, Glassman’s speech hardly seemed any different, though maybe a bit slower. He did tweet during one of the breaks, “My tongue hurts!!!! #UndatableLive.”

The show itself was firing on all cylinders, though, with timely jokes about this week’s “Empire” and Justin Bieber’s nude photos. There was even a surprise cameo from Scott Foely, and Chris D’Elia gave out an actual phone number for viewers to call him on. The photo of Glassman’s injury is below. Again we warn: It is GRUESOME.

Rick Glassman Bit Tongue Photos



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