Richard Simmons Transition Cover-Up NOT True

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richard simmons transition woman fiona

By Casey Treloar |

richard simmons transition woman fiona

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Richard Simmons is NOT trying to cover up his (non-existent) transition into a woman named “Fiona,” despite a ridiculous tabloid report. Gossip Cop can once again bust this sex change claim.

As Gossip Cop reported earlier this month, the National Enquirer published a bogus cover story falsely alleging that Simmons was in the process of transitioning. The magazine made the inaccurate claims that Simmons had undergone breast surgery and was taking female hormones, but the fitness guru’s rep exclusively told Gossip Cop that the report was a “complete fabrication” and simply “not true.” And shortly after we debunked the story, Simmons himself took to Facebook “to set the record straight” and “refute the lies” about him supposedly being transgender.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped the National Enquirer from trying to push its untrue narrative yet again. The tabloid now claims that Simmons is “desperately trying to cover up a stunning transition,” and that it has photos to prove he’s “becoming a woman named Fiona.” But this “proof” consists of two separate pictures from 2013, one of which shows Simmons wearing a rainbow-colored wig, and the other with him rocking a purple wig. But as Gossip Cop noted when we initially busted this claim, Simmons has often dressed in drag for fun over the years. Donning wigs three years ago doesn’t make him a “woman.”

And despite the tabloid’s insistence on referring to Simmons as “Fiona” throughout its piece, no such person exists. The National Enquirer’s claim that the fitness guru is “covering up” the supposed truth by denying what is a fabricated story is just absurd. Simmons simply isn’t transitioning into a woman, and the outlet is trying to cover up its own baseless claim.


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