Richard Gere Quitting Hollywood For Girlfriend Alejandra Silva?

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Richard Gere Quit Hollywood

By Michael Lewittes |


Richard Gere is not quitting Hollywood for his 33-year-old girlfriend Alejandra Silva, despite a new claim. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this. We’re told any talk of him leaving the entertainment industry for his girlfriend is “false.”

According to RadarOnline, which is basing its inaccurate story on (mis)information from its sister publication, the National Enquirer, Gere wants to fast-track his divorce from Carey Lowell, wed and start a family with Silva, and forget about acting. The outlets allege that after a meeting in May with the Pope in Rome, Gere “realized that he needed to move on with his life.” “Richard wants to finally finish his divorce from Carey, which has dragged on for 33 months now, so that he can marry Alejandra and have a baby with her,” the so-called “insider” is quoted as saying.

The webloid’s “insider” further says, “Richard’s divorce from Carey has dragged on and on… He’s worn out and desperately wants to move on with Alejandra.” The site’s source further contends Gere simply wants to “hightail it to Europe with his ladylove and live a quieter life.” “He’s quitting Hollywood to be with his hottie,” writes the repeatedly discredited outlet.

So, is Gere really “quitting Hollywood” to marry Silva and have a baby? Well, for starters, he didn’t give up acting when he wed Lowell and they had their son. Irrespective of the illogical premise, there’s no truth whatsoever to the webloid’s claims. A rep for Gere exclusively assures Gossip Cop the RadarOnline tale is 100 percent “false.”

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Richard Gere is quitting Hollywood for his girlfriend, Alejandra Silva.


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