#RespectLouis Trends After Louis Tomlinson And Baby Son Told To “Die”

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Respect Louis Tomlinson Die Baby Son

By Shari Weiss |

Respect Louis Tomlinson Die Baby Son

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Louis Tomlinson fans are rallying on Twitter after the singer was told he and his son, Freddie, should “die.”

On Monday, it was claimed that an unidentified person somehow obtained Tomlinson’s cell phone number and called him. Audio has surfaced on Twitter of the caller telling Tomlinson, “I hope your baby dies.” The incident supposedly took place in March, and it’s unclear why it’s just coming to light now.

But the disturbing situation has prompted fans to make “#RespectLouis” a trending topic both worldwide and in the United States. @shippedcompass tweeted, “Freddie is a human being and Louis is a father. How would u feel if someone you didn’t even know wished death upon ur child? #RespectLouis.” @hstylesobsessed, wrote, “THAT GIRL BETTER BE SORRY. THE MOMENT HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO HIS LAWYER- SHE SAID SORRY? UH…. #RespectLouisAndFreddie #RespectLouis.”

“I cant believe we have to make a trend just to ask people to do so,” said @paperboathes. “It’s actually something we should know by now ffs. #RespectLouis.” @OT4WWUPDATING also commented, “#RespectLouis is trending worldwide! I hope Louis is going through that tag and seeing all of the love and support!”

The “#RespectLouis” trend comes less than a week after “#RespectDanielle,” which was used after topless photos taken by paparazzi of Tomlinson’s girlfriend Danielle Campbell were bought by TMZ. It also follows an emotional Instagram post from Freddie’s mother, Briana Jungwirth, earlier this month, in which she discussed the hatred she faces every day online.


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