“#RespectLouis” Tomlinson Trends After One Direction Singer Called “Ugly”

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Respect Louis Tomlinson Ugly Tweets

By Shari Weiss |

Respect Louis Tomlinson Ugly Tweets

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“#RespectLouis” became the top trending topic both worldwide and in the United States on Saturday after an article from The Richest called Louis Tomlinson “ugly.”

The article in question, titled “12 Male Celebs That Are So Unattractive, They’re Sexy,” is actually from June, and it’s not clear what prompted it to resurface months later. But the excerpt that pertains to Tomlinson left many fans upset and led them to come to his defense. It reads:

“Every boy band member has a title; the ugly one, the one with the deep voice, the heart throb and if they are lucky; the neutral one. One Direction band member Louis Tomlinson is unfortunately, the ugly one. However, he could now pass as the neutral since Zayn Malik is gone. Tomlinson has that thing going on that most British men have; he has a few cute features but for the most part he is not good looking. Chances are at the 1D concerts, he has the least amount of fan girl signs. He kind of has this whole rat face thing happening that makes you question if it is cute or not.”

Atrocious grammar aside, it was calling Tomlinson “the ugly one” and saying he has a “rat face” that angered Directioners. Using the “#RespectLouis” hashtag, hundreds of fans posted photos of the singer, as well as messages praising him. “Friendly reminder louis’ heart is more beautiful than your face,” tweeted one person.

Another said, “Louis Tomlinson is an angel who deserves so much love and appreciation.” A different individual argued, “If Louis is ugly then you guys have a perfect definition of ugly.” Someone else even wrote, “I absolutely hate it when people say rude things about some who has saved my life, our lives.”

One Direction fans have used “#Respect” for several of the band members whenever it seems they’re targeted in some way. TELL US: What do you think of Directioners coming to Tomlinson’s defense over being called ugly?


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