Republican Presidential Debate Twitter Reaction: Celebrities React To Donald Trump And More — See Stars’ Tweets!

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Republican Presidential Debate Reaction Tweets

By Shari Weiss |

Republican Presidential Debate Reaction Tweets

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The first Republican presidential debates of the 2016 election season took place in Cleveland on Thursday, and celebrities are taking to Twitter to react Donald Trump and the other candidates.

The debate actually took place in two parts. The first half was held in the late afternoon with those who are considered “bottom-tier” candidates. Carly Fiorna and Rick Santorum seemed to come out of it with the biggest buzz.

But at night it was Trump time, with the controversial mogul facing off against Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, and John Kasich. And, as became popular during the last presidential election, a number of stars actually live-tweeted as they watched the broadcast on Fox News. Naturally, though, while some seemed to be taking the proceedings seriously, many others opted to go for jokes.

Just as it was getting underway, Bill Maher tweeted, “I hope you’re playing the Republican Debate Drinking Game like I am. That’s where you get smashed before it starts so you can stand watching.” Jeff Ross quipped, “Fuck I can’t believe I’m not moderating this #GOPdebate.” Andy Cohen similarly wondered, “WHY AM I NOT MODERATING THE #GOPDEBATE !!???? I WAS BORN FOR THIS, PEOPLE!!”

And with a somewhat awkward introduction, Star Jones observed, “The #GOPDebate feels more like a prizefight than a debate of issues for the future of our country. @FoxNews is the #hypeman #flavaflav.” Indeed, Bethenny Frankel remarked, “The debate feels like a game show.” Then, once the mudslinging got going, Kevin Nealon announced, “This is turning into Jerry Springer!”

In response to Trump saying he doesn’t have time to be politically correct, Jeffrey Wright wrote on Twitter, “And we don’t need a misogynist blowhard, Mr. Trump.” And, given a tense exchange between Trump and moderator Megyn Kelly, “Celebrity Apprentice” winner Arsenio Hall said, “I just had a boardroom flashback so strong that I could smell George Takei’s cologne. #GOPDebate Trump and Megyn Kelly!”

Former “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant Omarosa tweeted, “Watching the #GOPDebate makes me feel like being back in the BOARDROOM. 3seasons w/ Trump 2years with Clinton. I have a unique perspective.” Ann Curry tweeted, “The #GOPDebate is worth watching. But as I rushed to get in front of a set, noticed a lot of people uninterested.” Fellow journalist Tamron Hall noted, “This really feels like a wrestling match the boos and cheers are reality TV meets politics.”

Katie Couric asked, “I wonder what the ratings/interest would be in @liveGOPdebate if @realDonaldTrump wasn’t participating?” But Chrissy Teigen wanted to know, “ok but who looks the most presidenty.” And Eric Stonestreet judged, “I think one of these fellas should have worn a sassy tie.”

Meanwhile, LaToya Jackson said she was “watching and loving the #GOPDebate,” and Kirste Alley wrote, “This #GOPDebate is already [100 percent].” In contrast, Norman Lear announced, “The best thing about the first round, is its over.” And apparently stressed Emmy Rossum cracked, “I need an antacid.”

After Trump touted his billions during the second hour of the debate, Jenny McCarthy tweeted, “Net worth mentioned. ‘Drink.’ Donald Trump Drinking game.” As international affairs were discussed, Maher wrote, “Do these morons even know the diff between Sunni and Shiite? Or what the countries in the middle east are? They’d be bombing Arianna Grande.”

With close to thirty minutes left to go, Elijah Wood retweeted a message that amusingly read, “This thing is longer than two Hobbit movies combined.” As it all wound down, Larry King remarked, “#GOPdebate included a show of hands like the 1st day of school. We’re learning very little. 10 is too many & I want cross-questioning.” And, after the final question tackled religion, Albert Brooks tweeted, “These republican candidates would be crushed if they found out God really wasn’t that crazy about them.”

When the debate wrapped up, Debra Messing hilariously asked, “Do you think the republican debaters will do a huge selfie like Ellen did at the Oscars?” So far, there’s no evidence that happened, but Gossip Cop will update if it actually does!


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