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Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were once a power couple in Hollywood, but both are now associated with new partners and new projects. Are the two going to reunite for a new film? Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Tom And Nicole Together Again?’

According to OK!, Cruise and Kidman “might get back together-professionally, that is.” A source tells the tabloid that the two may reunite because the 2001 Kidman film The Others recently got optioned for a remake. “That was a deal they should have been in on,” a source says, adding that the two may only work behind the camera and not actually co-star in a movie. The article concludes by saying “just by putting their names on a project as co-producers would be huge publicity.”

A Bait And Switch Non-Story

This story is wafer-thin and only exists because Kidman and Cruise are ex-spouses. The title, “Tom And Nicole Together Again,” is deliberately trying to make you think the two are a couple. It’s a classic tabloid bait and switch, as it promises one thing and delivers something else entirely.

The actual story keeps things as vague as possible, saying Kidman “thinks it would be an asset to bring Tom on to one of her projects,” and how they “should” have gotten money off The Others. Movies get optioned for remakes all the time, so it’s strange to think this one film getting remade would cause Kidman to up and reconcile with her ex-husband. The timing of this story is completely random.

Cruise Isn’t Regularly A Producer

Gossip Cop will also point out that Cruise is only a producer on films he stars in. Kidman has started producing many projects, but she usually teams with Reese Witherspoon. Let’s be honest here: when was the last time you saw a movie because of who the producer was? Even if this story was accurate, it’s ludicrous to think people would flock to the theater because “Tom Cruise” and “Nicole Kidman” were written in tiny letters at the bottom of the poster.

So Is It Happening?

Cruise and Kidman are not reuniting in any capacity. Both actors are extremely busy, so even if they wanted to link up for a quick producing-cash-grab, they likely wouldn’t be able to. Gossip Cop is confident in saying this whole story is nonsense.

Other Bogus Stories

We busted this tabloid earlier this year when it claimed Kidman and husband Keith Urban were faking their happy marriage, which was simply not true. The Moulin Rouge! star is very affectionate with her husband and posts happy photos on Instagram regularly.

As for the Interview With The Vampire star, this tabloid said he was dating Elisabeth Moss, then a year later said he was with Drew Barrymore. Cruise is not publicly dating anyone. In a story extremely similar to this Kidman story, this tabloid published a vague story about Chris Pratt collaborating with Cruise. This tabloid just loves fantasy casting with Tom Cruise it would seem. Once again, Gossip Cop pointed out that both actors are extremely busy and no partnership is in the cards right now.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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