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Sharon Osbourne has become the face of The Talk, and as the longest-serving member of the cast, she's often the basis of a lot of the rumors about the show. One outlet reports that Osbourne and the program are on CBS' chopping block due to a ploy to keep Drew Barrymore around. Here's what we know.

'The Talk' Isn't Long For This World

"Drew Has To Throttle 'Talk' To Be Heard" reads the infamous Straight Shuter column in the National Enquirer. According to the tabloid, plans are in motion to give Barrymore's talk show the boost it needs at the expense of another program. "Killing off The Talk with Sharon Osbourne may be the only hope of saving Drew Barrymore's tanking talk show!" declares the outlet.

"With just 600,000 viewers, Drew's show isn't going to survive much longer — and The Talk numbers have been dropping like a stone," an insider explains. "The show was created as a star vehicle for Julie Chen by her husband, then-CBS boss Les Moonves. Now that both Julie and Les are out, it can go."

Will The Show Be Cancelled?

At a certain point, both Barrymore and Osbourne's shows will air their final episodes. That's just an inevitability of life and show business, and it doesn't take an industry insider to know that. What little information this "source" does provide is misleading at best and outright wrong at worst. The Talk was pitched and created by Sara Gilbert to fill a hole in programming after As the World Turns concluded. It was the end of a 54-year old show that kicked off the program, not a need for a show with Julie Chen.

Plus, Chen left the show after its eighth season almost immediately after Moonves was accused of sexual misconduct and harassment in September 2018. If The Talk was just a vehicle for Moonves' wife, why has it stuck around for three more seasons? If the program was on its way out two years ago, why would CBS continue to hire new talent and promote the show so heavily? It's nonsense, and what's worse, this isn't the first time the infamous outlet has decided to argue that Moonves was somehow solely responsible for The Talk's existence without even hinting at the accusations surrounding his departure or the efforts of the women who have led the program.

We Don't Know What's Next For Barrymore

There's no logic or explanation as to how canceling The Talk would salvage Drew Barrymore's admittedly less-than-stellar ratings. The reason we hear so much about how The Talk is in trouble is because the show is still massively popular — a program is a whole lot more likely to be in danger when even the tabloids don't mention it. For The Talk, we doubt they will anytime soon. After all, the Enquirer printed the exact opposite of this story last year, arguing that Barrymore would be so successful that she'd doom The Talk to cancellation. Reality hasn't followed suit, so the tabloid changed its tune.

The Enquirer falsely reported that Hoda Kotb was getting bullied off of Today, Kelly Clarkson was planning to abandon The Voice over personal drama, and that Conan O'Brien was being forced out at TBS. The tabloid may have made its name staking out celebrities, but it's pretty clear that the outlet is extremely short on sources with any degree of legitimate insight into the television industry. Gossip Cop can't predict what will happen to Drew Barrymore or her show, but we can be confident that we won't find those answers in this magazine.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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