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One of CBS’ most popular sitcoms has lost its lead. Anna Faris surprised the network and the world when she announced she would depart the hit series Mom just ahead of its eighth season. One tabloid reports that she left due to drama with her co-star, the titular mom, Allison Janney. Gossip Cop investigates.

Anna Faris Is Tired Of Being Second Fiddle?

According to Life & Style, “Anna failed to thank Allison by name” in her farewell post to Mom. The magazine says that Faris’s reasoning — she left to “pursue other projects” — was just smoke and mirrors. The real reason she left, a source reveals, was jealousy towards Janney.

An insider said the once-close relationship between the leads “changed when Allison kind of took over as the star of the show.” Faris was jealous that Janney “won two Emmys” while she “never even scored a nomination.” The article closes by saying Faris “was fed up with playing second fiddle,” so she chose to leave the whole series behind.

Allison Janney Isn't The Reason Why Faris Left The Show

If Faris has secretly despised Janney all these years, she certainly did an excellent job hiding it. Let’s look at a photograph from when Janney won one of those Emmy Awards.

Gossip Cop can’t speak for you, but Faris sure looks happy and not seething. Due to her years on The West Wing, Janney is something of Emmy royalty, so it’s no surprise she would take home awards on a regular basis while Faris watched on.

Furthermore, a rep for Faris denies that there is any bad blood between the two stars. While the timing of Faris’ announcement has left many stunned, the real reason for her departure was legitimately to allow her to pursue other opportunities. Faris has been a very successful podcaster for years now, so it’s not as though she has nothing but Mom going on.

Other Bogus Feuds From This Tabloid

Most stories Gossip Cop has busted about Faris have to do with her ex, Chris Pratt. As for Life & Style, we've debunked many of their myths about celebrity feuds. It claimed that Kelly Ripa has feuded with everyone from co-host Ryan Seacrest to Anderson Cooper. This tabloid used the same line about not being the “second fiddle” to describe the supposed rivalry between America’s Got Talent judges Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum.

In another fake famous feud, the tabloid said Emma Watson was refusing to do press for Little Women over arguments with her co-stars. Given its track record, we can see that this tabloid likes publishing stories about co-stars feuding regardless of whether or not there's any truth to it. Faris leaving Mom gave it an easy story to tell and so it told it. Faris’ reasons for leaving the show are personal, but there’s no indication it had to do with jealousy over Janney.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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