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The 20th century has seen the once-mighty British Empire progressively hand power back to the countries it conquered. Barbados recently shirked imperial power when it removed Queen Elizabeth as head of state. One tabloid reports that the country is going to exchange one royal for another: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are allegedly the new rulers of Barbados.

The Secret Sussex Takeover

Woman’s Day reports the queen is furious over “Meghan and Harry’s shock takeover” of Barbados. The tabloid says that “losing Barbados was a real blow for the Queen, and Harry is firmly in her crosshairs.” The tabloid claims that Prince Harry was “revered” by the country, so the Queen blames his royal exit for the weakening of the Commonwealth.

Her Majesty “is petrified that other territories,” including Australia and Jamaica, “will follow suit.” Her concern is that “if things keep up like this, Prince William and Prince George won’t have many realms to inherit.” A source says that Prince Harry did not intend for this to happen, but the article concludes by saying his exit “is almost certainly part of the reason the Royals are already losing ground.”

Where’s The Secret Plan?

The headline is misleading as the article is not about a "takeover" at all. Even more egregious is the subheading, which promises to take the reader “inside the Sussexes secret plan to rule Barbados” in big bold letters. There is no way to misconstrue that the article should be about a secret takeover. The article itself is just about the queen blaming Prince Harry for the loss of Barbados, but there is nothing in it about Prince Harry taking over or any secret plan whatsoever.

Ousting Of Queen Had Nothing To Do With Prince Harry

Understanding why Barbados would remove the queen as head of state would require too much history for Gossip Cop to get into. In short, though, the governor-general of the island said this is done in part to “leave our colonial past behind.” Barbados wants to become a completely sovereign republic without British interference for the first time since 1625.

Prince Harry indeed visited Barbados, but so has pretty much every royal family member at this point. The situation has nothing to do with Meghan Markle, and everything to do with Barbados. This story cannot be taken seriously, and Gossip Cop is dismissing it as a bogus bait-and-switch.

Just The Latest Outrage Over Meghan Markle

This tabloid blames Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for just about everything it can think of it. It claimed the Netflix production deal the two inked was made to threaten the royal family. She somehow made Princess Beatrice weep on her wedding day, despite not even being present. Then there was the especially silly story about Markle banning Kate Middleton from seeing her as of yet unborn second child. No pregnancy was ever announced, but Woman’s Day simply continues to stir the pot. This tabloid will take whatever royal news is out there and use it to manufacture conflict with the Sussexes.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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