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The marriage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has been under more scrutiny than any union in recent memory. The California royals are, according to one tabloid, “at the breaking point”. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Harry & Meghan Divorce Rumors’

In a plainly titled cover story, In Touch claims to have the first on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Sources tell the tabloid that “the couple’s marriage is starting to crack” and that they’re “having serious issues.” They could even “be headed for divorce” and are “at a breaking point.’

Why is it falling apart? Well, “they dove into marriage way too quickly,” an insider says, for they had only been together two years before getting married. “Everyone else spotted the warning signs, but Harry was blinded by love,” the source continues, “but now Harry is wondering if everyone was right because Meghan is so consumed with fame.” The tabloid details how Prince Harry enjoyed his time in the army specifically because he “Wasn’t a prince, I was just Harry,” and says Markel “on the other hand, actively pursued the spotlight.”

The couple got in a huge fight over their recent Remembrance Day activities, with the couple benign slammed over Markle’s insistence on bringing a photographer. Prince Harry slammed her for “choosing fame over family and dignity.” The two then “talked things through- but there are still serious lingering issues.” A divorce could be imminent.

A Very Long, Very Basic Piece

In Touch uses the most generic language possible when detailing why this marriage isn’t working out. It falls back on old ideas like the couple getting married too fast despite two years being a completely reasonable period before marriage. The crux of this tabloid’s argument is that Prince Harry wants to raise a family while the Duchess of Sussex is living for the fame.

To create that argument, the tabloid leans on bogus statement after bogus statement. For one thing, it was Prince Harry who had famous friends in the first place. The anecdote about Remembrance Day is absurd because the rest of the royal family was also photographed looking somber, but of course, that is not mentioned at all because it would spoil the narrative.

It also brings up the Netflix deal and criticizes it because the money is coming from the same corporation who makes The Crown. Netflix makes hundreds of shows at this point, and it makes just as much sense to say Markle is profiting off Tiger King or reruns of Avatar: The Last Airbender. You have to either have extremely narrow blinders on to ignore all of Netlfix’s other programming or, as is the case here, have a motive against the Sussexes.

The Couple Is Doing Fine

This hit piece came out before Markle penned a moving op-ed for the New York Times about suffering a miscarriage. It’s a piece of incredible strength that exists to help people who have to go through what Markle has. The gravity of that situation is far more important than this stupid tabloid story, but it’s worth mentioning that Prince Harry comes up multiple times in a positive light. The two are doing fine and no divorce is imminent.

Tabloid Hates Markle

Gossip Cop has previously busted In Touch for claiming that Markle had walked out on Prince Harry, that never happened. It also claimed that Markle would be forced to “spill royal secrets” because of her lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday, another fabrication, and it claimed to have a hold of Markle’s secret personal diary, which was, you guessed it, not true.

In a vague and generic story, this tabloid tried to once again attack Markle for being fame-obsessed. She’s a devoted philanthropist and mother who hasn’t had a major acting role in years. She and Prince Harry are as strong as ever, and this story is completely absurd.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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