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Is Meghan Markle spending $54,000 a year to keep up her hair? One tabloid reports that’s the case. Gossip Cop looked into the story and the numbers just didn’t add up.

Meghan Markle is often hit with unbelievable rumors from the tabloid media, but this latest rumor is simply beyond the pale. The Globe, which has a track record of publishing nasty stories about the Duchess of Sussex, triggered our suspicions almost immediately with its sky-high estimate of what Markle spends on her hair in a year: a whopping $54,000.

The dubious tabloid then quotes a “spy” who insists Markle is “very vain and proud of her locks” and spends “at least $2,000 a week to maintain them.” There are about 52 weeks in a year, and at $2,000 a week, that would come out to $104,000, not $54,000. The tabloid’s questionable math skills aside, the source continues, “For Meghan, hair care is a seven-step process that she’s absolutely obsessed about and follows as a ritual.”

Part of this supposedly outlandish “seven-step process” that the outlet seems so surprised by included a “clarifying shampoo, daily conditioner and cold water rinse.” The duchess also “throws in a few drops of organic argan oil” then finishes up with “a cool blow dry with strokes from a pricey hairbrush before a finishing spray.”

In addition to this process, Markle also allegedly “has a hairstylist come to the house at least once a week for keratin protein treatments and a masseuse for head massages to stimulate the scalp,” according to the insider. This long process supposedly “keeps Harry locked out of their master bathroom for hours at a time,” the source slyly adds.

Markle isn’t just finicky about how her hair is handled at home, she was also “picky” about who did her hair on set. “She’s very picky about who touches her hair too,” the source snitches, “When she was on her TV show Suits, she insisted on approval over who styled her hair.”

This pickiness continued even when Markle was living in Kensington Palace, apparently, with the outlet insisting, “she drove the staff batty with her constant and very specific orders for the right hair products.” The tipster concludes, “She looks so natural, but the truth is she spends days prepping and most of it revolves around her hair care!” Gossip Cop took several issues with the reporting in this article.

It should be noted that Meghan Markle is a biracial woman, and though the duchess straightens her hair now, childhood photos show that she has the tightly curled hair that is prevalent among many biracial black children. Black hair, and curly hair in general for that matter, takes a lot of time to style and care for. Since Markle keeps her hair straight, it makes sense that she’d care for her hair to mitigate the damage that might be done by straightening it so often.

She’d also need to be careful which hair products she uses on her hair since not all of them are made for black hair and can cause damage or even loss if used over a period of time. As for the claims that Markle insisted on using specific hair stylists while on set, that’s a fairly common problem for many black actresses. When faced with hairstylists who don’t know how to do black hair, many black actresses have either had to suck it up or get things done themselves. It seems to us that this outlet is simply searching for any reason to publish negative news about Markle, regardless of if it’s true or not.

This wouldn’t be the first time the Globe has published an erroneous story about Markle, nor is it the first time Gossip Cop has called them out for it. This outlet claimed last year that Meghan Markle had met up with Princess Diana’s “secret daughter,” who warned the duchess about Prince Charles. Obviously, this was beyond false. This tabloid also insisted that Markle and Prince Harry would be buying a marijuana farm. That purchase still hasn’t happened, and Gossip Cop isn’t going to be holding our breath.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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