Was Marie Osmond “furious” with her brother Donny for headlining a one-man show in Las Vegas without her? A tabloid reported Marie was “fuming over the betrayal,” which was especially galling for the star after she was “dumped” by The Talk. Gossip Cop investigated the claims and can better explain what’s really going on.

Marie Osmond "Fuming" Over Donny's "Betrayal" - Sources

According to the National Enquirer, Donny Osmond supposedly infuriated his younger sister Marie after he agreed to head back to Las Vegas to perform, but neglected to invite her along. Sources told the outlet Marie was “fuming” and felt betrayed. She’s especially stung, the alleged insider continued, after “jealous co-stars allegedly drove her off” The Talk.

Marie is still smarting after getting dumped by The Talk and she thinks Donny could have been sensitive enough to at least invite her to join him!

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“Marie is a bigger star than anyone on that show and they couldn’t handle being overshadowed by her,” the source went on to say. “She left there with her head high, but it still bothered her to be rejected like that!” Gossip Cop has already covered numerous rumors about the reasons Marie Osmond decided to leave The Talk, and not one of those reasons included anything about “jealous co-stars” who feared being “overshadowed.”

In fact, Marie has gone on the record to insist that her departure had nothing to do with the women she worked with, but rather that her own plans and goals interfered with her ability to fully commit to the show. Regardless, the suspicious source and disreputable tabloid insisted that Marie’s departure from The Talk was fueling her hurt feelings over her brother’s new gig.

Marie had high hopes for her television career and was deeply disappointed by her experience at The Talk.

In conclusion, the source said, “She’s already working on another show with The Talk’s former producer John Redmann – but she’s a little hurt Donny didn’t ask her!” Almost every part of this story is entirely false, apart from the fact that Donny and Marie Osmond had a successful 11-year run at the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas, and that Donny will now be performing solo at Harrah’s in August.

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Gossip Cop's Take

Was Donny Osmond upset with his sister for not including him when she joined the cast of The Talk? Or was Marie angry when Donny lent his vocal talents in the Disney film Mulan? The two siblings are adults and have had their own career for years that sometimes did not include each other. And, since Gossip Cop has already debunked rumors that claimed behind-the-scenes tension was a factor in Marie's decision to leave The Talk, there's no need for her to feel "betrayed" or stung by Donny's "insensitivity" to her supposedly sad plight. With that factor gone, the story loses much of its steam, which is why Gossip Cop determined it's mostly false.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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