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Are Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Camila Morrone expecting their first child? One tabloid reported a few months back that Morrone was seen sporting a “baby bump.” Gossip Cop investigated the rumors and reached our own conclusion.

Baby On Board For Camila Morrone, Leonardo DiCaprio?

Woman’s Day reported over the summer that model Camila Morrone was pregnant with her and boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio’s first baby. The outlet pointed to a single paparazzi shot of Morrone as proof of its claim. In the photo, Morrone was wearing a loose-fitting black sundress. As the model was in mid-step, a slight protrusion, which could have been the dress billowing in the wind, could be seen.

Camila Morrone wearing a mesh dress with blue frilly accents
(Andrea Raffin/

Since the photo was questionable, the tabloid relied on an anonymous, unverified source to provide the rest of the evidence. Citing its own reporting, the tabloid insisted that “friends” were buzzing that DiCaprio had asked Morrone to marry him, and now the so-called “source” believed they had figured out why the notoriously marriage-shy DiCaprio had supposedly popped the question. “If she was pregnant it would explain everything,” the source proclaimed, adding,

Everyone was shocked when it started to circulate that Leo was engaged after all these years of dating around, so there must have been a shift, a big one. A baby, for example.

Morrone's Subdued Birthday Party A Clue?

This also apparently explained why Morrone’s birthday bash this year was smaller than the usual lavish affairs DiCaprio typically treated his paramours to. “It would also explain why he simply hired a small boat for her 23rd birthday party – there wasn’t the usual tequila and champagne flowing or all-expenses-paid holiday to an exotic country Leo would usually splash out on,” the tipster insisted.

Naturally, since it doesn’t fit the narrative the tabloid not-so-subtly pushed, there was no mention of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. That might be a key reason why the couple didn’t travel outside of the country or hold a large gathering of people. Since there are restrictions on gatherings of people all across the United States, it would make sense that Morrone’s birthday party would be smaller and more intimate this year of all years. Regardless, the source pressed on to the ridiculous conclusion, telling the outlet,

I bet Leo wasn’t planning to become a dad right now, if ever. But he and Camila are super in love so I’m sure he’s coming around to the idea very quickly that his life is about to change.

Leonardo DiCaprio, wearing a black suit, smiles widely at the Revenant premiere
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Gossip Cop's Take

It’s been several months since the tabloid published its nonsensical story. If the magazine’s claims were true, Camila Morrone would be visibly pregnant and due to give birth sometime in the next few weeks. Yet recent paparazzi photos of the model out with her mother show that her figure looks the same as always. Obviously, the tabloid took one photo where Morrone’s skirt bunched in front of her in an awkward manner and created the whole tale of pregnancy to pull it all together.

This tabloid must delight in getting the story wrong when it comes to Leonardo DiCaprio. Perhaps that’s why Woman’s Day claimed last year that DiCaprio was getting “flirty” with Margaret Qualley. A source close to the situation told us the rumor was absurd and false. This outlet also once reported that DiCaprio had gotten dumped by Jennifer Aniston so she could date Johnny Depp. Not only did Aniston not date Depp, she and DiCaprio were never an item. Honestly, this magazine would be calling itself fiction, since that’s all it ever comes up with anyway.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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