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Was Kelly Clarkson regretting her decision to file for divorce from Brandon Blackstock? Sources told one tabloid that the singer-turned-talk show host had alienated those close to her, including The Voice co-judge Blake Shelton and former stepmother-in-law Reba McEntire, by asking her estranged husband to reconcile after filing for divorce in June. Gossip Cop has the answers on what’s really going on.

Kelly Clarkson "Regrets" Divorce From Brandon Blackstock?

Life & Style reported last month that Kelly Clarkson was rethinking her “split decision” to divorce her husband of almost seven years Brandon Blackstock. The tabloid heavily implied that the couple fought over how many children they wanted, with Blackstock not wanting more and Clarkson admitting to having “baby fever” on her talk show.

The buzz is she thinks pushing for more kids is what ruined everything. Now her big question is, is it too late to save their marriage?

Brandon Blackstock, wearing a black suit, stands with Kelly Clarkson, in a black dress, on the red carpet

"A Rash Choice?"

In the early days of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, things were going fairly well for the now-estranged spouses, a source told the outlet. “Kelly and Brandon basically had a good marriage,” the insider snitched, adding, “Their respective families got along, they had amazing kids together, they juggled their careers pretty well and seamlessly blended his children from his previous marriage.” But things soon turned sour, and Clarkson filed for divorce in June. Now, however, the “Because Of You” singer was “experiencing some serious remorse.”

She’s definitely having second thoughts. Kelly’s admitted that the split has been very difficult and it’s taken an emotional toll on her. She also just misses Brandon, though - he was always her rock. Now she’s regretting being so quick to file for divorce.

According to the source, Clarkson had already “broached the subject of a reconciliation with Brandon,” but added, “it didn’t go well.” In fact, Clarkson’s alleged back and forth on the subject infuriated Blackstock and confused the rest of his family as well.

She’s the one who filed for divorce first, publicly humiliating him, and now she wants to get back together? Brandon is absolutely furious. The rest of his family was also left scratching their heads.

Clarkson’s former stepmother-in-law Reba McEntire was singled out, with the source telling the outlet that before Clarkson filed for divorce, McEntire had “warned” her “not to throw away a good thing over some hurt feelings. The country music legend wasn’t the only one upset with Clarkson over her decision to divorce. Fellow The Voice judge Blake Shelton, who is managed by Blackstock, was also feeling “betrayed” by Clarkson.

Blake can’t help but feel a little betrayed. Brandon was blindsided by the divorce. So he’s Team Brandon all the way.

These days, the source concluded, “the smallest thing sets her off. Some nights she’ll cry herself to sleep. It doesn’t help that all of this Brandon stuff is happening during a pandemic - she can’t seek solace with friends and family. She feels so alone.” Let’s get one thing straight: the only two people that know anything about Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock’s divorce are them. No one outside of the couple promising juicy details knows anything, let alone L&S’ anonymous, unverified “insider.”

Kelly Clarkson wears a black sweater and addresses the crowd during a festival
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Gossip Cop's Take

The article is grossly insulting towards Clarkson. She wouldn’t have made a “rash” decision to end her marriage, especially when there are several children involved, lightly and without reason. She is not in any way obligated to share those reasons with the public, which is why the tabloid has to settle for blaming the singer’s “baby fever” for the couple’s split.

The tabloid revealed with every line it wrote that it had zero insight into Clarkson’s personal life, which calls every other claim it made into question. Are Blake Shelton and Reba McEntire really upset with Clarkson for ending her marriage? Probably not. It’s Clarkson’s marriage, why would her Voice co-star and her former stepmother-in-law, who is divorced from Brandon Blackstock’s father, be part of the equation at all? Only in this tabloid’s twisted imagination.

It's no surprise to Gossip Cop that Life & Style would stoop so low as to make up an article claiming Clarkson was regretting her divorce. This tabloid specializes in stirring up drama where there is none. Take, for instance, the outlet's claim that Kelly Clarkson and Gwen Stefani were feuding behind-the-scenes on The Voice. The two women have nothing but respect for each other, we found, which made coming to a ruling on the rumor quite easy for us.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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