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Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock's divorce hasn't been the smoothest separation. With her personal life looking troubled, one report says that her blossoming career has given her the opportunity to get her revenge on her former spouse after he requested nearly half a million a month in alimony. Here's what's going on.

Kelly Clarkson Strikes Back At Blackstock

"Kelly's Revenge Spree!" says the latest issue of the National Enquirer. According to the outlet, Clarkson's messy divorce from Brandon Blackstock is about to get even more difficult as she kicks off a plot to turn her show's renewal into a way to spite her ex. The two are currently sorting out their separation in divorce court, with Blackstock requesting a surprisingly high amount in monthly alimony payments — $301,000 a month in spousal support with an additional $135,000 a month in child support despite the fact that Clarkson won primary custody of their two children.

It isn't all bad news for the star, however, as the success of her talk show has reportedly earned her a hefty raise. "Kelly's currently making $115,000 a show, but behind the scenes, sources are saying that's getting jacked up to a phenomenal $250,000 per episode!" a show insider reveals to the Enquirer. Other sources explain that the pay bump has inspired Clarkson to rub it in her former spouse's face and "drop a serious amount of cash on herself to celebrate," especially given the complicated relationship between her finances and Starstruck Entertainment, Blackstock's employer and her management company.

"Kelly is celebrating the fact that Brandon has no right to touch any of the money she's earning from the new show," an anonymous tipster shares. "She's booking spa days, expensive vacations, and splurging on designer clothes to let him know she's living her best life possible — and he has no part in it!"

What's Going On With Her Divorce?

While it may make for a snappy revenge plot, there are a whole lot of questions that aren't answered by this rumor. Kelly Clarkson's filming her show and, as we mentioned earlier, she has primary custody of her children. With COVID-19 still massively impacting every aspect of work and travel, where and when are these high-priced vacations supposed to take place?

Brandon Blackstock has custody of their kids on the first, third, and fifth weekend of each month, and with the exception of the third weekend, he'll have to see the children in Clarkson's home in Los Angeles. We strongly doubt that Clarkson would in any way jeopardize the custody agreement by jetting off on long vacations just to spite her ex. Likewise, we're suspicious of any report that argues that a celebrity would make a big show of how much money they have while still fighting out alimony payments in court. There is no legal or personal justification for Clarkson to do so. As she's said before, she went ahead with the divorce because she didn't want her kids to suffer because of their parents' unhappy marriage — a revenge plot would do just that. She cares a lot more about the children than she does about spite.

What About Her Role On 'The Voice'?

This rumor just seems to be yet another of the Enquirer's attempts to trick fans of Clarkson's highly successful show into reading the tabloid. The outlet pulled a similar move last December before Clarkson's massively popular The Voice aired its season finale. The publication attempted to argue that her problems with Starstruck Entertainment and the relationship between Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, and Blackstock would lead to her leaving The Voice.

The show has since ended, and although Clarkson didn't claim victory, there have been no reports of her leaving the show. The Voice was instead won by Gwen Stefani and her contestant, Carter Rubin, but Stefani won't be joining the program again next season. The Enquirer and its sources got nothing right about Kelly Clarkson's personal or professional life, and it seems like the tabloid has started the new year off with another bogus story about the singer and successful host.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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