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Has Kelly Clarkson’s “bitter divorce battle” with estranged husband Brandon Blackstock escalated to the point where it’s beginning to affect the singer’s relationship with her The Voice co-coaches Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani? One tabloid claimed the American Idol winner was even considering not coming back to the show next season. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor and can separate fact from fiction.

Kelly Clarkson's Divorce Causing Tension On 'The Voice'

“Kelly & Brandon’s Battles Shake Voice” screamed the headline out of National Enquirer, with the bombastic subheading, “Blake & Gwen Caught In Crossfire.” The tabloid posited that Kelly Clarkson’s “bitter divorce” from Brandon Blackstock was getting “uglier by the minute,” and was “threatening” to come between Clarkson from her Voice “pals” Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.

The tabloid focused on the legal battle between Clarkson and her former management company, Starstruck Entertainment, which is owned by her estranged husband and his father, Narvel. The company maintained that Clarkson owed them $1.4 million, though Clarkson has vehemently disagreed via countersuit. A source for the tabloid insisted that Clarkson “believes that Brandon and Narvel were not operating in good faith and are now trying to take advantage of her – and she’s having none of it.”

Kelly would have been willing to let things go had they not gotten greedy and tried to sue her.

Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani Caught In The Middle

Now, however, there has been some “collateral damage” in the former couple’s “ugly war.” Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, Clarkson’s fellow Voice coaches, are still represented by the Blackstock family’s company, which has led to some reported tension, the source continued. “Blake and Gwen love Kelly, but they’re still represented by Narvel and Brandon.”

With the divorce and all of this legal action between Kelly and the Blackstocks, they are in a tough and awkward spot.

This supposed new tension was extra unfortunate since “Gwen has become like an older sister to Kelly since she joined the show,” the source opined. “They want to stay friends with all of them, but things have gotten so bitter. Blake and Gwen are caught in the middle.” A different source had even more bad news for the musical trio, predicting that the “contentious split” might even cause Clarkson to “reconsider coming back to The Voice if Blake and Gwen remain.”

It’s a terrible mess that may destroy their friendship and make working together virtually impossible. It’s a shame.

Gossip Cop's Take

Naturally, the article’s argument falls apart after just a bit of scrutiny. While it’s true that both Stefani and Shelton are managed by Brandon Blackstock’s company, that in no way means that the couple has been put on the spot by Clarkson in the legal battle. Neither Shelton or Stefani are involved in the legal proceedings in any way whatsoever.

As far as Clarkson’s commitment to sticking around The Voice for another season, there’s always the possibility that she’ll decide to move on to something else. It’s highly unlikely that she’d quit the extraordinarily popular show and relinquish her friendship with Stefani and Shelton over their ties to her ex. Besides, the co-stars have shown repeatedly that they have a great deal of fun together and that they've continued to grow their friendship even during these hard times.

This tabloid has made multiple false reports about Kelly Clarkson’s ongoing divorce from Brandon Blackstock, including a bizarre article from a purported numerologist who insisted the singer would come to “regret” her decision to divorce. Gossip Cop also recently busted the outlet for claiming Clarkson was already “on the prowl” for a new man. The Enquirer was wrong then, just as it’s wrong now.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.


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