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Was Jon Stewart “crushed” that his attempts to “reinvent” himself as a serious filmmaker flopped after the lackluster performance of his recent film, Irresistible? One tabloid claimed that the pandemic’s negative effect on the release of the political satire has the former Daily Show host feeling “frustrated.” Gossip Cop looked into the claims and found a bevy of evidence to the contrary.

Jon Stewart's Career Disappointment

The National Enquirer recently reported that a series of setbacks in Jon Stewart’s dreams of becoming “the next Steven Spielberg” have “flopped,” much to Stewart’s disappointment. A source told the outlet, “He wants to be viewed as a respected, serious filmmaker, but he’s hit more roadblocks than he ever saw as a comedian or talk show host.”

Stewart, “insiders” said, was “left fuming” after his latest creative venture, Irresistible, was met with “mediocre reviews” and had to limit itself to pay-per-view and streaming services over the summer due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The film “represented a year’s worth of work to Jon and it took the wind out of his sails when it virtually came and went in a matter of days,” the source explained, adding, “The experience was very tough for him!”

Now, insiders whispered, Stewart is “hard at work looking for another project to launch and get him back on track to realize his filmmaking goals.” But not just any project would do for “ambitious Jon,” they say. “He could snap his fingers and get any TV project he wanted, but he’s setting his sights much higher.”

John Stewart, in a black suit, holding two Emmy awards at the Emmy Awards
(Featureflash Photo Agency/

He’s walked away from millions of dollars to go back to TV because he wants to prove he is a creative force in the film industry!

Gossip Cop's Take

How wrong can a tabloid be? Not only is Jon Stewart’s career most definitely not flopping, but the outlet’s assertions that the former Daily Show host would not return to television proved to be utterly false. Stewart recently signed a huge multi-year contract with Apple TV+ for a current affairs show. Not only will Stewart be back in the anchor chair for the series, but he’ll be an executive producer on it as well. The new show, the title of which has yet to be released, will run for several seasons, meaning Stewart will be back on the small screen for at least the next few years.

After leaving the Daily Show, Stewart mostly focused on advocating for 9/11 first responders and war veterans. Just last December, Stewart was honored with the Bronze Medallion, the highest civilian award that New York City gives out, in recognition of his years-long advocacy for families and victims of 9/11.

Jon Stewart, dressed casually, poses with firefighters, police officers, and other 9/11 first responders
(a katz/

Clearly Stewart has had other interests than becoming the “next Steven Spielberg,” which makes the outlet’s claims that Stewart was “crushed” over his film’s tepid reception all the more hard to believe. And the lackluster performance of one movie, released during a year where many movies, as well as TV shows, were pushed back for unspecified periods of time, is likely not that big of a deal to Stewart. This tabloid and its unverified anonymous sources, clearly had insight into Stewart’s life. It simply told a lie that it hoped nobody would look into. Too bad Gossip Cop’s always on the case.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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