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Could Jimmy Kimmel’s career be in jeopardy? One tabloid says some old horrible sketches are coming back to haunt the late-night host, and ABC is actively seeking a replacement. Gossip Cop has the real story.

Terrible Sketches Cause Public Scrutiny

Kimmel has recently been in hot water over some blackface comedy sketches from his days on The Man Show. He has apologized for these videos, calling them “embarrassing.” Kimmel said he’s “evolved and matured” in the decades since, and was reluctant to apologize until now because of how it may be used against him, a delay he also regrets.

The National Enquirer is using this public apology to claim his career is ending. The tabloid calls him “disgraced,” and says his present summer absence from TV may be permanent. According to anonymous and vaguely named “sources,” “ABC execs… are already seeking a replacement.” Their first choices are Melissa McCarthy, Kevin Hart, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Ryan Seacrest.

Those Replacements Are All Rather Busy

There’s a reason late-night TV hosts rarely are seen doing other projects: it’s a full-time job. Everyone listed here has extremely full plates of projects to currently attend to, and hosting a late-night talk show would require every movie and other TV show be dropped, which is extremely unlikely. Hart has been the subject of numerous scandals as well, so he’s an odd choice if the network wanted a scandal-free host.

Kimmel Will Remain For Years To Come

Gossip Cop knows this story is completely bogus. In August 2019, Kimmel signed a three-year extension with ABC to host and produce his show until at least 2022. He will be back on TV to virtually host the Emmy Awards on September 20. Kimmel is currently taking the summer off to spend time with his family, which he announced in a humorous sketch with his sworn nemesis Matt Damon.

This Isn’t The First Phony Cancellation From This Magazine

In between loads of cheating and baby rumors, the Enquirer will run these phony cancellation stories. It claimed Ray Donovan was canceled because star Liev Schreiber demanded the series move to New York City. That relocation demand was a myth, and reasons for the cancellation are still unknown.

Earlier this spring, the tabloid said American Idol was canceled due to low ratings, but casting is currently ongoing for its twentieth season. The Talk was on the chopping block allegedly because of The Drew Barrymore Show, but both shows are currently in syndication, away from the purview of easy CBS cancellation. Michael Strahan was allegedly fired from GMA in a Kelly Ripa-devised coup, but he’s still a fixture on the daytime program.

Jimmy Kimmel will remain a fixture in late-night TV for years to come. He is not denying his past and is now trying to make peace and move on. Kimmel's career is far from over.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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