Among the most common tabloid tropes are weight gain and dying celebrities. One tabloid is targeting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with both narratives. Is the former Presidential nominee really dying? Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Hefty Hillary’s Health Nightmare’

In its cover story, The Globe says Clinton is “struggling to walk after gaining 97 pounds.” Accompanied by unflattering photos of Clinton eating and falling down, the tabloid says Clinton “is struggling to breathe and walk” after “she vanished from the spotlight four years ago.” The tabloid spoke to a doctor who says Clinton’s weight gain puts her at risk of “heart disease, stroke, multiple cancers and… COVID-19.”

The article then runs through some previous health scares for Clinton, including an injured elbow in 2009 and a collapse at the 9/11 memorial in 2016. Insiders tell the tabloid that Clinton “is bing eating [due] to stress,” and suspect that “she’s suffering from a degenerative bone condition.” The article concludes by saying Clinton “needs to radically change her lifestyle and reverse this radical weight gain.”

Typical Tabloid Trash

This article is exactly the kind of trashy story Gossip Cop has come to expect from Globe. All the proof we need is in tiny print below the story: “the experts quoted in this article have not treated Hilary Clinton.” This tabloid has basically asked some random doctors “is weight gain bad?” and they responded in kind. Doctors who haven’t treated patients have no authority to discuss the patients in question.

As for the photos themselves, none of them are new. The cover photo is from January 2020 where the former Senator is sitting down in a large jacket that puffs out a bit. The photo of Clinton eating a hamburger, which has the caption “Clinton binge eats because of stress” is from the 2007 campaign trail. This isn’t binge-eating; it’s… eating.

Where Does 97 Pounds Come From?

The real smoking gun in this story is the number 97. This tabloid gets hyper-specific on the precise number of pounds Clinton has gained, and that’s kind of impossible. Even close friends and confidantes often wouldn’t get this specific. What probably happened is the tabloid wanted a number close to 100 but didn’t want to say 100 because that sounded too fake. It chose to go with 97 which paradoxically sounds even more fake because it’s impossible for this tabloid to know such a number without speaking to Clinton directly.

Is Clinton Dying?

If you have any more doubts about Clinton’s health, you can push them aside. Clinton never really “vanished from the spotlight” as she campaigned for Joe Biden and continues to make speeches via Zoom constantly. Rumors abound that she could join Biden’s cabinet as UN ambassador, and it’s hard to believe she’d even be considered if she was on death’s door as this tabloid says. Clinton’s doing fine, and this story is completely false.

Other Terrible Tabloid Tall Tales

This is one in a string of fat-shaming stories from Globe. It said ‘tubby’ Tyra Banks was stress eating and “crushing the scales.” That same exact phrase was used in this Clinton story, and just show’s how little regard this tabloid has for anyone. Banks have not gained a precarious amount of weight.

Gossip Cop also busted the story that Meghan Markle had gained “a staggering 37 pounds” after giving birth to Archie and the story that Russell Crowe was lying about using a fat suit for Unhinged. This tabloid just loves printing stories that call celebrities fat. It’s classless, bogus, and embarrassing.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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