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What’s worse: an unending sting of bogus stories or throwing in an occasional apologizing without accepting blame? In a cover story this week, one tabloid now says Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are doing great despite unending coverage of tumult in their marriage. Gossip Cop would like to point out the hypocrisy of this tabloid for covering its tracks.

‘Nicole And Keith: Stronger Than Ever’

The cover of OK! Implies insight into the long-lasting marriage of Urban and Kidman, with the headline “how we make our love last!” This is a bait and switch, as the article is not an interview with either one. Instead, the tabloid spoke to an insider who claimed to had “been to hell and back,” and “giving up would’ve been easier than staying together.” All the same, they’re still together and still making it work.

Most of the article is a series of backhanded compliments: here are some issues that any normal couple would’ve broken up for. It’s really just the tabloids way of bringing old problems back up under the guise of faint praise, like mentioning what a “painful time” Urban’s tenure in rehab was, or Kidman once kissed Alexander Skarsgard after winning an Emmy.

These anecdotes don’t serve a narrative of joy or reconciliation, it just wants to stew in drama. The tabloid ends on a supposedly happy note: “they truly are proof that staying together and working things out-no matter how hard it is-will always lead to greater happiness.” Let’s keep that quote in mind the next time OK! says the marriage is failing.

The History Of This Tabloid And The Kidman Clan

If this tabloid wanted to do a proper follow-up to its previous Urban and Kidman coverage, then it would need to actually mention some of the bogus stories it has published. This story says Kidman and Urban are overcoming all these marital issues when many issues are invented by the tabloid itself.

OK! reported that Kidman feared an Urban relapse during his Las Vegas residency. Kidman’s spokesperson told Gossip Cop there was “no truth” to this story. This tabloid said these two were even faking marital happiness. We don’t get to make the rules for what a tabloid can and cannot publish, but it’s pretty skeevy to say a couple is pretending to be happy, then 18 months later say they are “proof that staying together… will always lead to greater happiness.”

Gossip Cop has consistently busted these stories about strain between Kidman and Urban. The two have been happily married for over a decade now and manage to mix fame with family without much incident, but you don’t get to make up phony stories and act like you didn’t.

New Baby On The Way?

If we need any further proof of this article acting in bad faith, it finds the time in its conclusion to say the couple “are talking about having one more baby via surrogate.” Within the same paragraph, the tabloid then says Kidman “and Keith will boh be 53 when the baby arrives.” So is the baby arriving or are they just talking about it?

Gossip Cop has busted this tabloid once before for saying the two would adopt a baby to save the marriage. A full year passed without a baby, so there’s no reason to believe this new version of the story. Even in an article about how strong their marriage is, the tabloid story is still filled with misinformation. Now that OK! admits that their marriage is rock solid, let's see how long the tabloid waits before its next story of tumult.


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