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Was Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig’s marriage “hanging by a thread”? A tabloid claimed that Weisz was “on the edge of walking out” on her husband of almost ten years. Gossip Cop reviewed the report and came to our own conclusion.

Daniel Craig's 'Diva Demands' Left Rachel Weisz Fuming

“Rachel & Daniel Hanging By A Thread” screamed the headline on a NW article. The Australian tabloid insisted that Rachel Weisz was “ready to blow a gasket” over being forced to “wait hand and foot” on husband Daniel Craig after he injured his ankle on the set of No Time To Die, his latest James Bond flick. The tabloid asserted that Weisz had to “juggle” caring for her teenage son as well as the couple’s young daughter while also taking on Craig’s “diva demands.” A source confided to the outlet,

They have all the money in the world to hire some help, but he’s so protective of his privacy that Daniel would only have Rachel.

After having to deal with Craig’s “diva demands,” which neither the source or the tabloid ever elaborate on, Weisz “was crying out for a break.” Thankfully for the pair’s marriage, the insider continued, “she finally got it because she was teetering on the edge of walking out!” As soon as he was able to go back to work, Craig was officially “out of her hair,” and his return to set couldn’t have come at a better time. “It was honestly that bad,” the spy proclaimed.

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig attend the premiere of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
(Shelly Wall/

Rachel is literally breathing a sigh of relief now Daniel’s back on set. He was a slave driver from his bed and it left her reeling.

Weisz Seeing Craig 'In A Whole Other Light'

The whole incident reportedly left a bad taste in Weisz's mouth and made her view her husband in an entirely different way. “It was suffocating being at Dan’s beck and call. It’s made her see him in a whole other light — and not a particularly good one!” the source exclaimed, adding, “She hopes this time away from one another is what they need to get their relationship back on track.”

The lack of relevant detail is what really gives this story away as false. If Weisz's time spent caring for her injured husband was really “that bad,” what exactly made it so bad? What were some of these “diva demands” that Craig made? And it should be noted that Craig only injured his ankle, so there’s not really much care that needs to be taken for that. And with a teen in the house to help out, there probably wasn’t all that much work for Weisz to do. In the time since this article was published, the two British actors have remained married, which sort of belies the whole “their marriage is hanging by a thread” hysteria that the tabloid tried to push.

Tabloids have been claiming there's fractures in Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz’s marriage for years. The National Enquirer has been the most prolific outlet to push these false rumors. This summer, the tabloid claimed that Craig’s drinking during quarantine had caused trouble in his marriage. Gossip Cop learned from a source close to the actor that this tale was laughably wrong. This outlet was also behind rumors that the couple had their first child together as a way of saving their marriage. Craig’s spokesperson told Gossip Cop on the record that this was absolutely not true. These lying tabloids must have it out for the British superstars.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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