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There's been a longstanding rumor that Prince Charles is not actually Prince Harry's real father. It has to do with the hair, but it's hurtful nonetheless. One tabloid reports that Meghan Markle is now demanding her husband to get a DNA test to see who his real parents are. Gossip Cop has looked at this rumor, so here's what we found.

'The Secret Tearing Them Apart'

In its cover story, Woman's Day claims the Sussexes are hiding a secret that could threaten the entire royal family. The Duchess of Sussex recently watched an old 25-year-old interview the BBC conducted with princess Diana where "Diana admitted she was very much in love with dashing cavalry officer James Hewitt." Markle naturally concluded that this officer must be Prince Harry's father, so she's asked him "to get a DNA test once and for all."

'Harry's Paternity Test Shock'

The split from the royal family hasn't been an easy one, and "it could actually solve all their problems if James was Harry's real father." He wouldn't be a royal anymore, and so Markle could live her life in peace. "It's believed even Charles" is not sure if Prince Harry is really his. Prince Harry had "volunteered to get a DNA test" once before but "the queen forbade it." Now that he's free from her eye, he may just get that test for Archie's sake.

Just An Anniversary Cash-In

This story is simply trying to cash in on the 25th anniversary of the Princess Diana Panorama interview. It's not the only tabloid doing this, but that doesn't make it okay. In the interview, the Princess of Wales does admit to having an affair but says the relationship started in 1989. Prince Harry had would've been five at that point.

Officer Himself Denies This Theory

Hewitt published a tell-all book about his affair with Princess Diana, so it's not as though he was averse to cashing in on the royals. He has consistently denied that he is Prince Harry's father, saying the affair started after the Duke of Sussex was born. Hewitt would stand to make a lot of money if he said the opposite, so between himself and Princess Diana both denying this story, Gossip Cop feels comfortable busting it.

How Would This Make Anything Easier?

This is just another tabloid story designed to turn Markle into a villain. Is Archie really going to be taunted about his father's parentage question? Kids are clever but not that clever. Plus, learning your father isn't your biological father would devastate most people, so why would Markle want that for her husband? Neither she nor Prince Harry has ever publicly questioned his royal heritage.

Other Preposterous Royal Stories

This is the same tabloid who recently said, not for the first time, that the final showdown between Prince Harry and Prince William was upon us. Apparently, Prince Harry was livid that his military titles were being gifted to Prince William, but such gifting has yet to officially happen. This tabloid also said Prince Harry was actively preparing for a return to the military, but he shifted his focus to philanthropy and family years ago.

Woman's Day simply has it out for the Sussexes. It claimed the two were responsible for a $35 million shortfall in the royal budget, but that loss was more thanks to COVID-19 than the couple's trip to South Africa. The two are doing just fine, and there's no doubt about Prince Harry's place in the family. This rumor of his real father just won't go away, but the important people do know the truth and that's all that matters.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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