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As Katie Holmes and chef Emilio Vitolo begin a new relationship, one tabloid says the tabloid has already become extremely serious. Is Holmes pregnant with Vitolo’s baby after only dating him for a few months? Gossip Cop investigates.

Begging For Baby

According to Woman’s Day, Holmes wants to waste no time in her “whirlwind romance,” with a friend telling the tabloid “she’s doing everything she can to get pregnant with him. Holmes is laying on the public displays of affection “in her bid for a much-longed-for second child.” An insider says “she begged Jamie Foxx for another child, but he refused.” Since Vitolo and Holmes are already “exchanging ‘I love yous’,” Holmes thinks “she’s ready.”

In fact, the tabloid believes she may already be pregnant. An onlooker who spotted the Dawson’s Creek star in Central park exclusively told the tabloid “she was touching her tummy a lot and was cautious about where she stepped.” This is a far cry from her “usual energetic self,” which the onlooker knows well as they’ve “seen her jog through the park at a helluva pace.” The onlooker even said, “That coat did struggle to fit around her tum, so who knows?”

Holmes may be jumping the gun, as Vitolo “has yet to win over Katie’s family.” Suri Cruise has yet to give her blessing, as “she’s wanted a sister forever but wishes he mom would pick someone less of a show-off.” The article ends by saying Holmes is still “madly in love and isn’t letting anyone,” not even her own daughter,” “get in the way of her happiness.”

The Jacket Doesn’t Fit? What?

The only evidence in this story comes from dubious sources and this so-called onlooker. How would this onlooker know if the Batman Begins star was pregnant based on “touching her tummy” and an ill-fitting coat? If the implication is that the coat couldn’t fit around Holmes’s pregnant stomach, then that would mean she’s already months along in a pregnancy. It’s downright creepy how this stranger talks about Holmes not being “her usual energetic self,” as if a stranger in the park could possibly know these things.

Woman’s Day reduces Holmes down to the stereotype of a baby-crazy woman who is anxious to have a child with anyone. Not only is this stereotype sexist, but it also doesn’t apply to Holmes at all. She’s been a devoted mother to Suri for years now and didn’t have a second child with men she’d been with for years, let alone months. Gossip Cop believes this story is completely false, just like all the other Holmes pregnancy rumors we’ve debunked with other baby daddies.

‘Friends’ Who Talk To Tabloids Shouldn’t Be Believed

This tabloid claims it spoke to friends of Holmes, but its track record speaks for itself. This tabloid already claimed Holmes was planning to marry Vitolo, which is preposterous. The two are clearly enamored by each other, but that doesn’t mean they’re about to get married. This tabloid also claimed Suri had fled to her father Tom Cruise after growing disgusted by Vitolo dating her mother. Cruise is in London filming Mission: Impossible 7, so Suri couldn’t even go there if she wanted to.

The real reason Gossip Cop doesn’t trust Woman’s Day is that it tripled-down on a narrative about Holmes adopting a child. For months, it kept promoting stories about Holmes wanting a baby brother for Suri, but those stories never came to anything. This tabloid knows nothing when it comes to the Thank You For Smoking star and having kids. Holmes isn’t pregnant with a guy she just started dating.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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