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It’s no secret that The View is an open and often argumentative platform. Two co-hosts who frequently clash over politics on the show are Joy Behar and Meghan McCain. But one tabloid suggested the heated arguments pushed Behar too far and she was done with The View for good. Gossip Cop has looked into the story and here’s what we’ve uncovered.

Joy Behar Threw In The Towel?

Back in April, it was rumored by the National Enquirer that Joy Behar was ditching The View. The paper reported “fed-up” Behar made the surprising announcement that she was “throwing in the towel” when her contract is up, but apparently, no one was shocked. The Enquirer stated at the time that while social distancing and her age were a few reasons why the comedian was skeptical to return, it was really what happened behind the scenes that made her “reach her limit.”

A screengrab from an episode of The View

Meghan McCain Vs. Joy Behar

An insider told the tabloid Behar “had enough” of all the drama, especially with Meghan McCain. “She was there since day one and would never have left otherwise,” added the magazine’s source. The Enquirer further stated that McCain, who’s known for her conservative views, stuck-up brat behavior and the producers of the talk show looking at McCain as the future fueled Behar’s desire to split. Other tipsters spilled Behar was also “weary” of the “on-air dust-ups" between McCain and Whoopi Goldberg which constantly “drowned out her viewpoints.”

The Enquirer’s insider further disclosed that the tension was so thick among the cast members that the ladies hardly spoke to one another when the cameras weren’t rolling. “Joy didn’t sign up for this,” the unnamed informant stated, adding, every day was a “new fight” she didn’t want to part of. “Plus,” the insider dished, Behar figured McCain would “screw it up” and the producers of the show would “beg her to come back.”

Here's The Truth About What's Going At "The View"

Listen, the discussions on The View can get quite spicy, especially since Joy Behar is a liberal, and Megan McCain is conservative. But, the story came out a few months ago, and The View just started its 24th season, with Behar still on the panel. Also, the comedian addressed the rumors she was leaving the long-running talk show in April and confirmed that she wasn’t going anywhere.

More Incorrect Reports About The Ladies From "The View"

So, it looks like we have plenty of more Behar-McCain fiery debates ahead of us. Furthermore, this wasn’t the first time a tabloid claimed one of the co-hosts of The View was quitting because of McCain. Earlier this year, the Globe purported Whoopi Goldberg was leaving The View. The paper alleged Goldberg was “fed-up” with McCain’s obnoxious behavior and threatened to leave if the producers of the show didn’t “put a leash” on McCain. Gossip Cop learned this wasn’t true.

Last October, the same publication asserted The View co-hosts hated McCain and wanted her to quit. This story came out after McCain seemingly “walked off the set” after a heated discussion with political commentator, Ana Navarro. Gossip Cop reached out to a spokesperson for ABC about the narrative and was assured there was no truth to the tale.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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