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Last year, Brad Pitt attended Jennifer Aniston’s annual Christmas tree trimming party. It was an event that launched a thousand phony tabloid reports, most of which Gossip Cop debunked. This year, the event hasn’t even taken place yet and already one tabloid is publishing stories about it.

Brad Pitt Co-Hosting This Year?

An article in the latest edition of the National Enquirer alleges that Brad Pitt has agreed to “co-host” Aniston’s holiday get together, which, according to the paper, will be held virtually over Zoom. That decision, the tabloid says, has “triggered rumors of a romantic reunion,” according to “insiders.”

Last year, the outlet says, Pitt “shocked fans when he showed up at the sitcom cutie’s annual bash” and according to the tabloid’s “spies,” “Brad’s presence will make a powerful statement to ex Angelina Jolie, as the two continue their bitter divorce and custody battle." As for Aniston, a source for the paper says,

Jen has no problem flaunting their friendship – especially when it angers the woman who stole her husband. This very public reunion means they may finally be graduating from the ‘Friends’ zone!

This Wouldn’t Even Be Their First ‘Public Reunion’ This Year

As usual, there is a lot to unpack here about this story, but out of the box, let’s make it clear the story is completely bogus. For starters, news of a “reunion” is hardly groundbreaking. Aniston and Pitt have clearly been a good terms with each for a while now.

In February of 2019, Brad Pitt attended Jennifer Aniston’s 50th birthday party and, as mentioned, Pitt attended his ex-wife’s Christmas party later in 2019. They were reunited once again, famously, at the Golden Globes earlier this year when photographers snapped a photo of the former couple congratulating each other and hugging.

In fact, this supposed “virtual” reunion isn’t even unique as they both participated in a virtual table read of the script of Fast Times At Ridgemont High over the summer. The highlight of that event was when the two reenacted the infamous “bikini scene” from the movie. Finally, and most importantly, Gossip Cop checked with our source close Pitt who told us the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood doesn’t have any plans to co-host the party, virtual or otherwise.

Screenshot from the virtual table read of Fast Times at Ridgemont High with Jennifer Aniston on the left and Brad Pitt on the right

Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Are Not Dating

Once again, Gossip Cop is reiterating that Pitt and Aniston are not back together. The couple has been divorced for 15 years now, but still, we are forced to debunk these silly rumors invented by the tabloids time and time again. The Enquirer is one of the leading purveyors of this crap.

Two months ago, the unreliable outlet claimed Jennifer Aniston was “done” with Brad Pitt after he was spotted with German model Nicole Poturalski in France. In that article, which the tabloid makes no mention of in this latest story, a supposed source said, “She’s told Brad to stay away from her in no uncertain terms.” Now, the very same paper is purporting Aniston wants to host a party with Pitt? It’s ridiculous. It’s also clear the tabloid has no real “insider” information and is, in fact, likely making up these stories on the fly.

The Enquirer also likes to include Brad Pitt’s other ex, Angelina Jolie, in these nonsensical stories, as it did here. In August, the paper claimed Jolie was “driven by revenge” in their ongoing custody battle because Pitt was seeing Aniston again. Obviously, the custody battle has been difficult, but Jolie isn’t trying to exact revenge on Pitt for dating Aniston, because the two simply are not in a relationship and haven’t been for years. As Gossip Cop has said over and over, the tabloids need to move on, just as Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have.


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