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Is Renee Zellweger struggling in her personal life despite professional success? That's what one tabloid is claiming in a bogus article this week. Gossip Cop looked into the story and found it false.

A long and meandering cover story published by Star claims Zellweger, who recently won her second Oscar for her starring role in Judy, is secretly "isolated and consumed by past sadness." An "insider" whose existence is somewhat questionable says the actress spends most of her time hiding in her Topanga home, and was "self-conscious" and "virtually friendless" throughout awards season.

"She's an anxious soul and always has been," adds the anonymous source. "She worries about odd things and she's consumed with her appearance and what people are saying about her online. She's extremely self-conscious and shy. Being around her peers has been tough on her." From there, the unknown tipster says Zellweger has been having trouble finding love because she's "quite demanding," and some are hoping that Jerry Maguire co-star Tom Cruise "might swoop in to help." Whatever that means.

The seemingly nonexistent source goes on to say that Zellweger will "go totally cold on friends or other people in her life for no apparent reason, then reemerge after a few weeks or months and act like they'd spoken only hours before." To back up its claims, the piece includes a quote from an interview Zellweger gave with Vulture last September in which she described her struggles with depression in the early 2010s - it was around then that she began a six-year hiatus from acting. But Zellweger also says, which the tabloid completely neglects to mention, that she is much happier for it. "It's a quieter life, and I love it," she tells Vulture.

Gossip Cop has learned that the tabloid's report is baseless. A spokesperson for Zellweger tells us a full rebuttal was sent to Star, which was provided with a quote that it didn't bother to use. The actress's rep had told the tabloid, "So a woman dedicated three years of her life to her work, creates a masterpiece, receives every accolade and is awarded every honor possible and this is the story you come up with? You should be ashamed of yourself for pushing this false BS in the wake of her well-earned success. She's incredibly well and happy, contrary to your random sources. And that's a quote. Print it." The only part of this quote that Star saw fit to include was that Zellweger was "incredibly well and happy," tacked onto the end of a random paragraph in parentheses like an afterthought.

While Zellweger had rejoined the acting game by 2016, it's the recent buzz surrounding her acclaimed performance as Judy Garland that has really restored her status as a target of tabloid speculation. Zellweger is known for being fairly private about her private life, and Star is simply exploiting that fact. Staying private isn't the same thing as being lonely and isolated. A few months ago, in fact, the Washington Post wrote an entire article about Zellweger being happy and vindicated following her hiatus from Hollywood.

Thanks to all this tabloid attention, Gossip Cop has had to debunk a seeming unending amount of phony stories about the actress in the past year. Just last week, we even made a list of all the absurd Zellweger dating rumors that we've busted in recent months. After that, we had to debunk articles from both OK! and Woman's Day claiming Zellweger and Cooper had gotten back together, despite their relationship having ended almost a decade ago. Those stories, too, were completely false.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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