Liza Minnelli has made it clear she doesn't support Judy, Renee Zellweger's biopic about her late mother, Judy Garland. According to a tabloid, Zellweger is now trying to make peace with the singer over the situation. Gossip Cop has learned the story is made-up.

Back when Judy went into production last year, Minnelli took to Facebook to say she "do not approve nor sanction" the film. According to OK!, Zellweger is hoping to convince the singer to meet up and talk. "All Renee wants is to sit quietly somewhere, maybe over lunch, and discuss her feelings about playing the late star," an alleged source tells the outlet.

The supposed source goes on to say that Zellweger understands why Minnelli is reluctant to watch her mom portrayed on screen, but wants her to know how much respect she has for Garland. "Renee trained for over a year with a voice coach, trying to capture the essence of Judy, and felt she understood her tormented soul," adds the tipster. "Renee's hoping one of her New York pals will help her connect with Liza."

The tabloid's story simply isn't accurate. Zellweger did try reaching out to Minelli prior to shooting Judy last year, as the actress explained to the Los Angeles Times. But the singer didn't respond and Zellweger moved on. Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the actress, who tells us she hasn't tried connecting with anyone in Garland's family since. This article seems seems to have been concocted to capitalize on the recent release of the film, but it's totally bogus.

It's also worth noting, Zellweger said on the UK talk show Lorraine that she hopes Garland's family sees the film, despite their reluctance to do so. The actress noted that Judy portrays the late star in a positive light and she hopes her family recognizes that. Zellweger is expressing her thoughts on the matter in interviews, but she simply isn't trying to set up a meeting between her and Minelli.

This isn't the first time the tabloids have created unnecessary drama out of the Judy Garland biopic. In 2017, Gossip Cop busted OK!'s sister outlet, Star, for falsely claiming Minelli had tried to "shame" Zellweger into backing out of the film. That article wrongly maintained the singer wasn't happy with the project because it focused on her late mom's "booze and drug-filled final days." In reality, Judy is a celebration Garland's life and doesn't dwell on her substance abuse issues, despite addressing them. Regardless, Minelli never tried to convince Zellweger not to star in the movie, just as the actress isn't trying to convince the singer to sit down with her.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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