Regina Love And Riley Biederer “Voice” Knockout Video: Pharrell Steals Back Own Contestant!

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Regina Love Riley Biederer Voice Knockout Video

By Shari Weiss |

Regina Love Riley Biederer Voice Knockout Video


The knockout showdown between Regina Love and Riley Biederer on “The Voice” on Monday led to the final steal of season 9. Check out the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, all the coaches had just one steal slot for the knockouts, unlike the two opportunities each had during the previous battle round. Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Gwen Stefani all stole contestants during last week’s episodes. That left Pharrell as the only one left with the powerful card to play.

Now, during the third and final knockout episode, he found himself taken in by Love and Biederer’s face-off. And interestingly, they were both artists Stefani had stolen during the battles. Now the Team Gwen contestants each had mentoring sessions with special guest advisor Rihanna, and then took the stage to perform “Midnight Train To Georgia” and “XO,” respectively.

Love received an enthusiastic standing ovation from the entire panel, leaving little doubt as to who Stefani would choose as the knockout winner. Former coach Levine admitted to missing her quite a bit, saying she “crushed it.” Shelton said Love “blew the roof off,” and Pharrell said she gave “one of the craziest performances I’ve ever seen.”

But he also told Biederer, who was actually on his team before this, that there’s “no reason” she should “go home.” So after Stefani named Love the victor, Pharrell hit his button as soon as the steal window opened up for Biederer. And with that, Pharrell officially stole back his own contestant!

Watch both videos below! Next week, the live playoffs finally begin! TELL US: Do you have a favorite contestant to root for yet?


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