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Reese Witherspoon is one of the busiest, and most successful, members of the Hollywood elite these days. In addition to acting, she has become a premier producer and it’s that career turn, if you believe the tabloids, that has cost her a number of friendships. Luckily, Gossip Cop is here to set the record straight on these bogus stories.

Witherspoon And Jennifer Aniston Don’t Fight Over Everything

If you believe the tabloids (and you shouldn’t), Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are constantly at odds with each other, especially since the launch of Apple TV+ and their show, The Morning Show. Take, for example, a story last year from OK! that claimed their friendship was ruined over the series.

In the sketchy article, a supposed “source” told the unreliable outlet, “Working together so closely has been difficult. They signed on for this thinking it would be a dream job. They've always had so much in common and had a blast working together in the past on Friends. But the problem is that professionally, they're too much alike."

Of course, that, and everything else this “insider” purportedly told the magazine, was completely fictional. Not only did Gossip Cop debunk the article at the time, but the two actors have signed on for another season of the hit show and have often praised each other in public interviews and on social media. The tabloid was completely out to lunch when it made the claim.

Reese Witherspoon Never Feuded With Jennifer Aniston Over Brad Pitt

Last October, the Globe ran a phony report alleging that Witherspoon was “crushing” on Brad Pitt and as a result, once again, her Morning Show co-star, Jennifer Aniston, was furious. As with many bogus tabloid stories, this one began with a small nugget of truth.

In September, another member of the Morning Show team, Mindy Kaling, posted a photo of Pitt from a GQ photoshoot on her Instagram feed. Witherspoon simply replied with the heart-eyed emoji. From there, the tabloid invented one outlandish (and false) tall tale that the reply “took around 20 seconds to get back to Jen, who was insulted.” Gossip Cop busted the stupid story after confirming with Aniston’s rep that it was as absurd as we thought it was.

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It’s Not Just Aniston, Either

Last month, we busted the National Enquirer for alleging that Gwyneth Paltrow was upset with Reese Witherspoon for expanding into the cookware business, putting her at odds with Paltrow and her Goop brand. “Gwyneth has heard about what Reese intends to do and she is not pleased. She can’t believe Reese would encroach on her territory like this,” an insider supposedly told the outlet.

Obviously, Gossip Cop also busted this story as well. Goop doesn’t even sell cookware, so the idea that Paltrow might in the future is purely speculation and nothing more. The tabloid’s shameful track record is all we needed beyond that. Once one part of the story falls apart, so does the rest of it.

Witherspoon Is Fighting With Every Co-Star She’s Ever Had

Most recently, Woman’s Day jumped into the fold with a bogus report alleging Reese Witherspoon was angry with her Big Little Lies co-star Nicole Kidman because Kidman was working on a new show, 9 Perfect Strangers. The unscrupulous publication took advantage of the news that Kidman has headed to Australia to begin production and as a result, Witherspoon is angry.

It’s frankly a really silly story. Why in the world would Witherspoon be upset about Kidman doing a project without her when Witherspoon has a whole slew of projects of her own? Gossip Cop debunked the phony tale. Witherspoon isn’t fighting with Kidman or any of her other co-stars either.


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