Reese Witherspoon & SNL Cast Apologize To Moms On Mother’s Day For Bad Things They Did As Kids (VIDEO)

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Reese Witherspoon SNL Mothers Day Moms

By Michael Lewittes |

Reese Witherspoon SNL Mothers Day Moms


Reese Witherspoon began her “SNL” monologue by noting it was Mother’s Day on Sunday, and that the entire cast brought their mom to the show, and were going to apologize to them for the bad things they did as kids. See the video below of all the “SNL” cast members saying they were sorry to their real moms during Witherspoon’s “Saturday Night Live” monologue.

Witherspoon began by saying she was a “nightmare” for most of her life and that everyone’s “real mothers are here, and we’ll apologize for real terrible things we did.” Cecily Strong said to her mom she was sorry for swearing in letters to her, while Jay Pharaoh apologized for throwing his mother’s school lunches in the trash. Kate McKinnon said she was sorry for being “so weird.”

Sassier Zamata looked at her mom and apologized for slapping another girl in second grade and breaking her glasses, which her mother had to pay for. Beck Bennett was sorry for using a pen for sexual experimentation, and Vanessa Bayer felt bad that she would pee all over her parents’ home. Kenan Thompson said he felt bad for playing with fire and almost burning down the house.

Pete Davidson was apologetic for pouring ketchup all over his mom’s good coat and using it for a murder scene in a short film he made. Meanwhile, Aidy Bryant said she was sorry for borrowing her mom’s car and instead of going to the movies, “rubbing” up against a guy in a church’s parking lot.

Kyle Mooney was sorry for watching a nudie film while his mother slept nearby on a couch. And Bobby Monihan felt awful about taking a magic marker and writing on a wall and then blaming it on his grandmother. Witherspoon said sorry to her mother for lying about going to a girlfriend’s house, but instead checking into a hotel with a boy.

After that, the moms got their revenge by screening a compilation of embarrassing home videos of the stars of “SNL” and Witherspoon as kids. Check out the video below of Witherspoon and the cast of “SNL” apologizing to their real moms on Mother’s Day for all the bad things they did as kids.


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