5 Inspirational Reese Witherspoon Quotes In Honor Of Her 40th Birthday

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reese witherspoon birthday

By Jesse Spero |

reese witherspoon birthday

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Reese Witherspoon turns 40 on Tuesday, and to celebrate her birthday, Gossip Cop takes a look back at some of the actress’s most inspirational quotes. Check out Witherspoon’s best quotes below!

(1) Last year, the actress spoke about the importance of ambition at the 2015 Glamour’s annual Women of the Year event. “I believe ambition is not a dirty word. It’s just believing in yourself and your abilities. Imagine this: What would happen if we were all brave enough to believe in our own ability? To be a little bit more ambitious? I think the world would change,” she said during her speech.

(2) Witherspoon has been vocal over the years about the issue of women cutting each other down. In 2014, during a roundtable chat with The Hollywood Reporter, she wondered, “I know this is so Pollyanna of me, but why, and it’s particularly women, why do they have to tear women down? And why do we have to tear other women down to build another woman up? It drives me crazy. Like, this one looks great without her makeup but that one doesn’t look good without her makeup, and it’s all just a judgment and assault that I don’t — look, men are prey to it as well. I just don’t think it’s with the same sort of ferocity.”

(3) In 2008, Witherspoon discussed responsibility and not harping on the negative when talking about her divorce from Ryan Phillippe in an interview with Parade magazine. “There are things in my life that are hard to reconcile, like divorce. Sometimes it is very difficult to make sense of how it could possibly happen. Laying blame is so easy. I don’t have time for hate or negativity in my life. There’s no room for it. When you make wrong choices, you have to take responsibility for them: ‘What part of this do I own?’ I struggle to figure out what made me make those choices. All I can hope for is that I’ve learned something from it and won’t make the same choices again,” she said.

(4.) Back in 2005, Witherspoon offered her thoughts on feminism and women who assume a posture of being less intelligent than they really are. “I feel there are certain people who are systematically ripping [feminism] down because of their lack of regard and their ignorance about what the women before us had to go through,” she told Marie Claire. “I don’t think these women are stupid. I think they’re selling a personality that’s very marketable: ‘Wouldn’t it be fun if we were all gorgeous and didn’t have a care?’ But creating a cultural icon out of someone who goes, ‘I’m stupid, isn’t it cute?’ makes me want to throw daggers at them! I want to say to them, ‘My grandma did not fight for what she fought for, and my mother did not fight for what she fought for, so you can start telling women it’s fun to be stupid.’ Saying that to young women, little girls, my daughter? It’s not okay,” added Witherspoon.

(5) During her Academy Awards acceptance speech for Best Actress for Walk the Line in 2006, Witherspoon talked about her inspiration and doing things that matter. “I want to say that my grandmother was one of the biggest inspirations of my life. She taught me how to be a real woman, to have strength and self-respect and to never give those things away,” said the actress upon accepting her Oscar. She added, “I’m just trying to matter and live a good life and make work that means something to somebody and you have all made me feel that I might have accomplished that tonight. Thank you all so much for this honor.”

Gossip Cop wishes Witherspoon a happy birthday, and is looking forward to another 40 years of great quotes!


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