Reese Witherspoon Fighting For NBA Cheerleaders Pay Increase

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reese witherspoon nba minimum wage

By Michael Lewittes |

reese witherspoon nba minimum wage

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Reese Witherspoon is speaking out about NBA cheerleaders not making minimum wage, and is urging that their pay be increased. On Tuesday, Witherspoon showed her support for the cheerleaders when she retweeted a New York Times article titled, “N.B.A. Cheerleaders’ New Rallying Cry: Better Pay” and urged professional basketball to do better by writing, “Come on #NBA! #payhermore.”

Former and current NBA cheerleaders are now fighting back against unfair treatment, namely not being paid living wages. Many cheerleaders claim they often make less than $5 an hour, which is $1.25 less than the federal minimum wage.

This is the first time Witherspoon has spoken out on behalf of the cause, and she’s making it clear she believes the women deserve better pay. In addition to retweeting the article, the actress further wrote, These women work really hard and they deserve AT LEAST minimum wage.”

Witherspoon’s support for better pay for NBA cheerleaders comes right on the heels of Jennifer Lawrence’s essay about equal pay for actresses. As Gossip Cop reported, Lawrence wrote about what it was like to make less than her male costars and urged actors, males and females alike, to help close the pay gap. In the days following the essay being published, many actors have come out in support of Lawrence, including Bradley Cooper and Josh Hutcherson.

Read Witherspoon’s tweet below about better pay for NBA cheerleaders, and tell Gossip Cop what you think!

reese witherspoon nba cheerleader tweet



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