Reese Witherspoon, Meghan Markle Working On A TV Show Together?

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Reese Witherspoon in a black blazer next to a photo of Meghan Markle in a dark suit with a red poppy pin.

By Hugh Scott |

Reese Witherspoon in a black blazer next to a photo of Meghan Markle in a dark suit with a red poppy pin.

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Reese Witherspoon and Meghan Markle are not teaming up for a new TV show, despite a phony tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk the story. It’s completely made-up.

According to a fanciful story in Woman’s Day, Witherspoon “has been ‘quietly penning’ a show that she would love Meghan to be part of and Meghan was keen to explore the opportunity further.” This supposed revelation came after Witherspoon allegedly visited Markle at her home, Frogmore Cottage, outside of London. Witherspoon was recently in England promoting her Apple TV+ project, The Morning Show, and posted a video of herself shopping around London, including in souvenir shops looking for a plate with Markle’s face on it. This short video appears to be the inspiration for the tall tale concocted by the tabloid.

According to the bogus report, Witherspoon wrote to the Duchess of Sussex and asked her to meet up. A so-called “source” tells the publication, “She was surprised when she not only got a response but an invite to Frogmore Cottage. They had a meeting in Meghan’s kitchen, drinking herbal tea, eating her homemade banana oatmeal muffins and talking about Hollywood like they were old friends.” According to the dubious insider, “Harry is supportive of the idea as long as filming doesn’t clash with their royal duties and they’ve agreed to meet up again while Meghan is in LA.”

There is a lot to unpack with the article. For starters, Witherspoon isn’t a writer. She is a wildly successful actress and producer, but she has no history of “penning” anything, as the article suggests. Secondly, while this supposed tipster seems to know all the details of the meeting between Witherspoon and Markle, right down to what flavor muffins they ate, the source knows next to nothing about this alleged project Witherspoon is writing. The details of this story are not just flimsy, they’re mostly nonexistent.

The other major problem is that Markle has retired from acting. It’s something she did when she married Prince Harry and there’s no indication she’s changing her thoughts on the matter. Her royal duties keep her quite busy, not to mention her young son, Archie, also keeping her on her toes. While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are spending time in LA this holiday season, they are not there trying to score acting gigs for Markle. They are in town to spend time with Markle’s mother.

Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who confirms the tabloid’s article is fabricated. Woman’s Day has an atrocious record when it comes to covering both Witherspoon and Markle. A year ago, the outlet claimed Markle was expecting twins. Of course, about six months later, Archie was born. She was never pregnant with twins. As for Witherspoon, the magazine asserted in May that she was “at odds” with Nicole Kidman over separate shows. The Big Little Lies co-stars, who are close friends, were never in any sort of professional battle. The tabloid’s insight into Markle and Witherspoon is as weak as the details in this phony report.


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