Reese Witherspoon NOT Having Marriage Problems, Despite Report

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Reese Witherspoon Marriage Problems

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Reese Witherspoon Marriage Problems

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Is Reese Witherspoon having marriage problems? According to a new report, there’s “strain” and “cracks” in her relationship with Jim Toth. Gossip Cop, however, can debunk the provably untrue story.

The new cover of NW features a photo of Witherspoon with the quote, “I can’t do this anymore.” The article inside the tabloid alleges the actress is in a “life crisis,” and her “six-year marriage to Jim Toth is suffering as a result.” Causing the purported problems, contends the magazine, are all of Witherspoon’s professional obligations. She’s promoting A Wrinkle In Time, developing a new Apple series with Jennifer Aniston, producing the second season of “Big Little Lies” and still running her fashion business, Draper James, in addition to the production company Hello Sunshine. That’s on top of raising three children.

“Pals fear it’s only a matter of time before something’s gotta give… and it could be her marriage,” claims the outlet, which quotes a so-called “family insider” as saying, “A lot of her friends are convinced she’s been burying herself in work projects to avoid issues in her marriage.” Tellingly, the supposed source never says what those “issues” allegedly are. But the seemingly fake tipster maintains, “It’s hard to believe that having such a crazy workload isn’t putting a strain on her marriage. She simply has a lot less time for her husband, and it has people wondering if Jim and her are in fact okay.”

The publication acknowledges that Toth, a high-power agent at CAA, is quite busy himself. Still, the almost assuredly made-up source contends, “Reese’s friend says she and Jim are like two ships passing in the night… They never see each other and there’s no denying that a marriage that gets no attention is going to suffer.”

But even a casual observer will realize this is all empty speculation and conjecture from possibly phony “friends” and “pals.” The tabloid alleges Witherspoon’s “pals fear” that “something’s gotta give” in her marriage” and “friends are convinced” there are “issues in her marriage,” but nowhere in the fabricated article does it have actual reporting about the actress’s relationship with her husband with confirmed on-the-record information.

In reality, Witherspoon and Toth were together at the Critics’ Choice Awards last month (photo above), and they also took a snowy vacation to Sun Valley in January, which she documented on Instagram. This week, Witherspoon also posted on Instagram a Valentine’s Day photo of herself with Toth, writing in the caption, “Love my Valentine! Keeping the love strong for 8 years! #valentinesday #datenight.” And in a Marie Claire interview released this week, Witherspoon credited her ambition in part to her husband.

The tabloid, however, seems to be falsely suggesting that simply because Witherspoon is successful with multiple irons in the fire, she can’t also have a strong marriage. The magazine’s claims are easily disproven by Witherspoon’s own actions and comments, and what’s more is that Gossip Cop is told on background that no real “family insider” would be dishing to that outlet about the Oscar winner’s relationship to begin with. As for that “I can’t do this anymore” cover quote, there’s no proof Witherspoon ever actually said that and we’re further assured she never did. The whole story is bogus.