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Exactly one year ago today, a magazine claimed Reese Witherspoon's busy career was "putting a strain on her marriage." At the time, Gossip Cop reported it was untrue. Now 12 months later, it's clear her marriage to Jim Toth is perfectly in tact.

On February 15, 2018, the NW alleged Witherspoon's "crazy workload" was causing "issues in her marriage." The tabloid also asserted the actress's friends felt she was "burying herself" in projects precisely to avoid dealing with her relationship falling apart. An unnamed "source" was quoted as telling the magazine how Witherspoon and Toth were like "two ships passing in the night" and, as a result, their marriage would undoubtedly "suffer."

To sell its tall tale, on the cover of the publication it ran a quote which read, "I can't do this anymore," with the implication that Witherspoon said somewhere how she could no longer continue being married to Toth. But, as Gossip Cop noted 365 days ago, the actress never said that. More significantly, Witherspoon and Toth's marriage did not have problems then, nor do they have any a year later.

Following the false report about her always working and not spending time with Toth, after they were photographed in Cabo San Lucas over Memorial Day weekend, the same tabloid concocted yet another tale about how Witherspoon and her husband went on vacation to save their marriage. Shortly after that inaccurate article, NW ran a cover story about Witherspoon and Toth having a "divorce crisis."

Not one of those articles were remotely true. The reality is Witherspoon often documents her time took off with Toth and her love for him on social media. In fact, just one day ago, Witherspoon posted a photo on Instagram of her hugging Toth, along with a sweet message that reads, "Love my Valentine!"

That's hardly the only time she's gushed about Toth, a powerful Hollywood agent who fully understands the career demands of his Oscar-winning wife. Right after last year's bogus piece about their supposed marriage problems, Witherspoon posted on Instagram a photo of the couple in front of a private jet, with a note that says, "Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband who keeps me smiling everyday! ...I love you." And on his birthday, she wrote, "Happy birthday to the best husband, friend, and father in the world!! I love you JT."

While Witherspoon has her hands full with a number of film and TV projects that she's producing or in which she's starring, she makes sure to have time for her family. Last March, the actress told USA Today she generally doesn't work on weekends, and when she returns home from work during the week, "I put the phone down," so they can all enjoy a family dinner together.

As Gossip Cop has noted in the past, we'll occasionally revisit an article from the previous year to help readers better assess which outlets they can and cannot trust. It's readily obvious the premise that Witherspoon's marriage was in jeopardy didn't hold up over time. The tabloid simply made unsubstantiated claims, while Gossip Cop presented the facts, some of which were directly from Witherspoon herself.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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