Reese Witherspoon And Jim Toth NOT Arguing Over Ava Phillippe Acting Career, Despite Report

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Reese Witherspoon Jim Toth Ava Acting

By Andrew Shuster |

Reese Witherspoon Jim Toth Ava Acting


Reese Witherspoon and husband Jim Toth are not in a tense disagreement over her daughter Ava Phillippe pursuing an acting career, despite a made-up tabloid report. Gossip Cop is told there’s “no truth” to this story.

According to OK!, Witherspoon’s 16-year-old daughter Ava, whose father is actor Ryan Phillippe, wants to get into acting but her mom isn’t happy about the idea. A so-called “source” alleges to the tabloid that Ava’s stepdad Toth, a talent agent, is encouraging his stepdaughter to act, and it’s causing issues between him and Witherspoon.

The magazine quotes a phony source as saying, “Ava has shown interest in acting, but Jim and Reese disagree about whether she’s ready. Jim thinks she should go for it, but the idea makes Reese nervous.” The tabloid goes on to say that Witherspoon believes Ava is too young to start a career in Hollywood, and doesn’t want her daughter to face the same pressures that she did as an aspiring young actress.

No such arguments about about Ava’s prospective acting career have taken place between Witherspoon and her husband. This story is just another attempt by OK! to manufacture trouble between the married couple, where none exists. Gossip Cop recently busted a story claiming Toth had warned Witherspoon that she needed to stop drinking in order to save her career. That account was false, and so is this latest one.

Gossip Cop is told by a source close to the couple that there’s absolutely “no truth” to the allegations that Witherspoon and Toth are arguing about Ava getting into acting. This is a non-story.

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Reese Witherspoon is fighting with her husband over Ava Phillippe having an acting career.


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