Reese Witherspoon, Ellen DeGeneres NOT In Talk Show Feud, Despite Report

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Reese Witherspoon Ellen DeGeneres Feud

By Andrew Shuster |

Reese Witherspoon Ellen DeGeneres Feud

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Reese Witherspoon and Ellen DeGeneres are not feuding because the actress is launching her own talk show, despite a ridiculous tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk the bogus premise. The two women are friends and their respective shows aren’t in competition with one other.

Last month, Witherspoon launched the DirecTV series “Shine On With Reese,” in which she sits down with notable women from various industries. Witherspoon explained that she launched the show with the intention of “showcasing the voices of women,” but a story in the latest issue of the Globe, which was later posted online by New Idea, claims the actress secretly wants to dethrone DeGeneres as “the new queen of TV.”

An alleged insider tells the magazine that Witherspoon plans to convince her A-list celebrity friends to “do her show exclusively,” adding, “Reese is ruthless. She wants to make a big splash and she’s ready to get down and dirty to do it.”

The outlet’s supposed source further contends that DeGeneres is “extremely jealous” of the actress “muscling in on her market,” so she plans to fight back by making sure that “anyone doing her show is not doing Reese’s.” The questionable tipster adds, “Reese and Ellen have always been competitive. They constantly like to one-up each other.”

The tabloid’s premise, however, is completely absurd. Witherspoon’s talk show is a nine-part series available only on-demand and to DirecTV subscribers. Each episode is around 20 minutes and features interviews with remarkable women. DeGeneres hosts an hour-long daily talk show on NBC that’s generally comedic in nature. The two projects are on very different platforms and serve different purposes, so it’s not as if they’ll be competing for ratings.

Additionally, Witherspoon’s lineup of guests on “Shine On” include female trailblazers such as journalist Elaine Welterworth, poet Cleo Wade, Olympic gold medal soccer player Abby Wambach and Simone Askew, the first black woman to be selected as First Captain of the United States Military Academy. These women aren’t Witherspoon’s A-list Hollywood friends and they’re not necessarily the types of guests DeGeneres has on her show. The actress isn’t trying to take down DeGeneres by producing a unique on-demand talk show aimed at empowering women. That notion is simply ludicrous.

The unreliable magazine also fails to mention that Witherspoon attended DeGeneres’ 60th birthday party earlier this year. The outlet also doesn’t note that the actress frequently appears on DeGeneres’ talk show. In February, Witherspoon and DeGeneres battled it out to become Oprah’s best friend during a funny segment. Last September, Witherspoon and DeGeneres got into a mock on-air argument over who was better friends with Jennifer Aniston. Perhaps the Globe can’t tell the difference between a playful feud and a real one. Regardless, a source close to DeGeneres confirms to Gossip Cop that the magazine’s story is completely “ridiculous.”


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