Redfoo Did NOT “Tell All” About Kanye West Meltdown, Despite Claim

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Redfoo Kanye West Meltdown

By Shari Weiss |

Redfoo Kanye West Meltdown

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Redfoo did NOT “tell all” about Kanye West’s meltdown, despite an outrageously misleading claim. Gossip Cop can expose the truth.

“Warning Signs? Kanye West’s Pal Tells All About His Meltdown,” reads a headline posted Monday on the Star website, where readers are enticed to see “inside his shocking revelations.” The brief article says, “Redfoo of LMFAO, a friend of Kanye Wests, shared his shocking thoughts on the rapper’s hospitalization at LAX airport on Sunday evening.”

Nothing else is provided except a video of a paparazzo asking the performer about West. In the footage, Redfoo is specifically asked, “Do you have any advice for people like Kanye West, or anybody else, on how to stay sane this holiday?” He replies, “You gotta put family first. Family and friends first. That’s why I travel with these guys, the lovelies. The people that love you and care about you, you gotta be close with them. That’s what you gotta do. That’s your sanity right there. That’s how you get grounded.”

The photographer then asks, “Anything specific to Kanye you want to say? If you could take him aside for a minute and be like, ‘Hey, man.'” Redfoo says, “Every time I dealt with Kanye, it was amazing. He was always kind to me, and warm to me. Him and Kim treated me like family. So I say, ‘love you bro.'”

And then the inquisitive paparazzo wonders, “Have you ever suffered from exhaustion like he has?” The “Party Rock Anthem” singer says in response, “Absolutely. When you’re doing a show every night, your voice is going out, the fans, the pictures — so I just wish you the best, Kanye, and I hope for a speedy recovery.”

But wait. Where’s the talk about “warning signs”? What are the “shocking revelations” and “shocking thoughts”? Where, exactly, did Redfoo “tell all” about West’s meltdown? As seen in that word-for-word transcription of the video, none of that actually exists. Rather, Redfoo made rather general and benign comments. There was nothing revelatory whatsoever.

Star, however, opted to package and spin the footage in such a way to trick readers into thinking that by watching the video, they’d get some new, meaningful information about West’s condition. It’s a total bait-and-switch, and particularly disturbing since it was designed to exploit West’s very serious medical situation. The tabloid should be ashamed.

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